Month: January 2024

Jan 31, 2024

Dope Music Video Galleries Update!

Dope music video galleries have been updated on EDF Photo! As excitement mounts for the second leg of the Machine Killer Tour, I’ve got a whole lot of Edsel to tide you over until the big day. (It resumes tomorrow! Have you got your tickets yet?) Let’s get right into it.

dope addiction music video


27 screencaps from the “Addiction” video have been added to EDF Photo. Released with the album No Regrets, Addiction features Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society/Ozzy Osbourne fame. It also features the famous Serenity prayer! You know, the one people in recovery recite as a grounding exercise? That being said, if being addicted to Edsel is wrong, I don’t really want to know what right is. (We’re, of course we enable our Edsel addiction! And yours too.)


37 screencaps from the “Burn” video have also been added! Featured on the album Group Therapy, there was actually a video for every song on the enhanced portion of this record. That’s pretty impressive in my opinion, particularly for back then. We see visual albums pop up from time to time in recent years, but Dope was doing this way back in 2003. I see Burn as an intensely cathartic song, and it will always occupy real estate in my heart for that. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, either.

I’ve been doing a bit of re-arranging in EDF Photo, so please excuse our mess! I hope to get caps of every Dope music video that’s been released in due time. EDF Photo is already the largest Edsel Dope photo gallery on the net – and we’re just getting started.

Jan 26, 2024

Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2 OUT NOW!

Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2 has been released! That’s right, the day we’ve been waiting for is FINALLY here! We don’t normally cover Static-X here but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least say something about this release. And as we all know, Edsel has long worked with Static-X as their creative director and has helmed many of their videos!

static-x project regeneration vol 2

I’m not joking, they way I jumped up when I got the notification that the album was available! I’ve listened to every song track by track several times. What’s my verdict?’s Review: Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2

It’s… amazing.

Like a lot of fans, I listened to the album teaser on repeat. I can safely say the album itself 100% lived up to the teaser. In the past I’ve listened to albums where there’s at least one or two songs that are obviously filler. (Sometimes more) Not only is there absolutely no filler on Project Regeneration Vol 2, every song totally rocks. It’s not often that I say this, and I don’t say it lightly: there is not one bad song on this album. Standouts for me are Black Star, Kamikaze, Take Control, and Disco Otsego. When I got to From Heaven… I might have been ugly crying, Kim Kardashian style. (But since there’s no picture to prove it, might as well have not happened!)

Project Regeneration Vol 2 sees Ulrich Wild return to mix and master, along with Tony, Ken, and Koichi. As a result, we have a cohesive and satisfying record that fits perfectly in the band’s discography. Project Regeneration Vol 2 pays tribute to Wayne’s memory while further keeping Evil Disco alive and well!

Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2 is available for purchase from Static-X’s official website. You can also stream it on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Youtube Music!

Jan 23, 2024

Dope VIP Video

Dope VIP experience packages are still available for the upcoming second leg of the Machine Killer Tour! Dope’s official Facebook page has posted a cool little thirty second video telling you all about what happens during the bus meet and greet. (Though I do have to put a teeny disclaimer here: you get the microphone they mention with a separate meet and greet package. That does not come with the bus meet and greet.)

dope vip img


Long term visitors of the site know I’ve hyped this up ever I was at the meet and greet in Atlanta. However, it occurred to me I’ve not really opened up about my experience. Not just my experience, but what it meant to me. I’ve shared a periphery view, yes. Though… as the admin of an Edsel Dope fansite, you’d think I’d talk more about my own personal experience in depth. I’ve had folks on social media ask for more on that front. Alright. Today I’ll share a bit about what meeting Edsel in particular meant to me.

My Dope VIP Experience

There’s an old saying: never meet your idols. They can never live up to what you make them out to be. Often, that’s true. We tend to forget the people we idolize are just that: people. They do extraordinary things and live lives so different from ours, yes. But at the end of the day… they’re just a person.

In my case, I actually met my idol. And … I walked away from that meeting an even bigger fan of his. Edsel is very warm and generous, he’s very kind and willing to answer questions. I was really nervous upon meeting him (I actually screamed!), but he took the time to make sure I was alright. (I was, once I got over my shock) Very sweet, very humble dude. In my opinion, he was pretty much the person he is in interviews. No nonsense, no front. He’s the real deal.

I mean, realistically, I met a rock icon. How wild is that? And the fact that he IS normal, and he IS real and authentic? That was the best part of all. It meant the world to me to meet him and tell him how much he’s inspired me. How often do you get to tell your idol such a thing?

The Bottom Line

You might think my point of view is biased. And fair enough – I run a fansite on this guy. I’m predisposed to liking him. But I’ve also told you all I would never lie to you. I wouldn’t stand by an opinion I don’t really believe. And for me, the VIP experience was well worth it. Bucket list worthy for sure! Truthfully, I could write a novel on reasons why you should go and it wouldn’t really matter. In the end, it’s up to you. It’s your money and you have a right to think it over to decide if this is really worth it. And if hearing about how awesome I thought this all was helps you make a decision, I’m glad! If you have any other questions, you’re always welcome to contact me.

Jan 20, 2024

Dope Music Videos (The Essentials Series)

Continuing our Essentials series, today we’re looking at Dope music videos. I will be highlighting the five videos I think are the most iconic (in my opinion) out of Dope’s entire catalogue. As always, this post comes with a disclaimer: I am not a “professional” reviewer. I’m just a fan, and these are my opinions! If yours are different, I love that for you. What a boring life we’d have if everyone agreed about everything.

Are you ready? Let’s get right into it.

Number 1: “Lovesong”
Album: Blood Money Part Zer0

dope video lovesong


This probably didn’t come as much of a surprise for those who’ve been repeat visitors to this site. I’ve spoken quite a lot of my love for this video. A collaboration between Edsel and long time creative partner Matt Zane, Lovesong is an interesting spin on the original The Cure classic. I think one of the marks of a great music video is the ability for it to transport you to a time and a place. It’s easy to get drawn into this evocative world. The aesthetics, the general mood of the video, it all works.

Number 2: “Now or Never”
Album: Life

dope video now or never


I have also frequently expressed my love for Now or Never. Prior to the release of Lovesong, it was my favorite Dope video. Although it currently sits at a respectable number 2, it will forever occupy a unique spot in my heart. A bit of a bummer is that this video tends to be overlooked or underrated by fans. Despite the widespread acclaim for Blood Money as the epitome of Dope’s vibe, I firmly believe that Now or Never encapsulates that essence just as well.

Number 3: “Misery”
Album: Blood Money Part Zer0


Hey look, another Edsel and Matt Zane collab! Featuring the Hellzapoppin’ Circus sideshow (read more about them in my Flashback Sunday feature about the video here), Misery is the kind of slick, fun rock n roll we love to hear. And the video really is no different at all. It’s a blast all around, for sure. I don’t often rewatch music videos, but this one? You bet.

Number 4: “Sing”
Album: Group Therapy


You ever watch a video and you just “get” it? It’s a bit hard to explain – it just feels like this video IS this song. I don’t think it would have fit as well if it was anything else. And that it’s so simple is another win in its corner. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing bells and whistles as much as any girl does. But sometimes, a video get a mark in the W column just as easily without it.

Number 5: “Believe”
Album: Blood Money Part Zer0


Yes, I know. I’ve chosen quite a few videos from the latest album. But eh, what are ya gonna do? I admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for snow/winterscapes (I liked it in Lovesong as well). I also like the callbacks to Drama Club’s video for Halloween 365. It’s a fun tie in for a song that was originally meant to be for Drama Club. As a fan of both groups, I found it a very creative and interesting way for both to be represented AND stay true to each.

That’s my rundown of the top five Dope videos (in my opinion). Did I miss your fave? Don’t worry, I probably love that one too. That being said, I don’t want to keep you here all day, and I certainly could if left to talk about this subject. Until next time, folks!

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Jan 14, 2024

Flashback Sunday: Sounds like Drama (Club)

For your Flashback Sunday today, I’m going to switch gears a tiny bit if you don’t mind. It feels like I talk a lot about Dope and Static-X in terms of Edsel or Edsel-adjacent projects. I love those subjects, but the man does A LOT of things I want to highlight. Today, we’re going to talk about one of those projects that isn’t talked about nearly enough. Today’s topic is… Drama Club!

To that end, we’re gonna feature this 2015 interview with Andy Biersack while I talk a bit about Drama Club. (It’s queued to start when they show up. Or rather… jump in, in a quite literal sense!) It’s a really fun interview, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Something about the energy makes me smile. Now, let’s talk about the band!

So, what IS Drama Club?

drama club

Drama Club is another musical project of Edsel Dope. If you’ve listened to Dope’s latest release Blood Money Part Zer0, you’ve heard Drama Club. The band features most notably on Lovesong and Misery, and the track Believe was initially meant to be for Drama Club, not Dope. Edsel Dope is of course in Drama Club, having revealed himself to be behind the persona of “Zer0”. The band was born of Edsel’s desire to do something different and put out another kind energy into the music industry. While Dope is very aggressive and in your face, Drama Club is a complete 180. Drama Club’s music tends to focus on themes of feeling free and being accepted, when there is a theme at all. (Sometimes dance music has no theme but “let’s party!”, and that’s great too!)

I’ve seen some reviewers get pedantic about Drama Club featuring on Blood Money Part Zer0, with the complaint that Edsel is guesting on his own work. I tend to think this is coming from people who don’t know anything about Drama Club or the kind of music they create. “Oh Edsel is part of the project, it must be exactly the same type of music!” I hate to dust off an old chestnut in response, but “one of these things is not like the other”.

The two projects are an apples and oranges comparison: Drama Club is a completely different band that produces completely different music. Drama Club is EDM/electronic, while Dope is of course metal/hard rock. If you’re looking for some of their music to check out, I have a few song recommendations for you! Try Rockit, Maniac and in keeping with the Flashback, They Don’t Need to Understand. That song was originally done by Andy Biersack (as Andy Black), and he’s also in today’s interview feature.

Looking for more of Drama Club? Of course you are. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And of course – sub to them on Youtube with notifications turned on.

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Jan 10, 2024

Machine Killer Tour THIRD leg announced!

machine killer tour

Just when you think things couldn’t possibly get any better today, Dope’s official Facebook page has announced a THIRD leg of the Machine Killer Tour! You heard right – even more chances to see Dope opening for Sevendust and Static-X! It looks like this leg will take them through Canada, the Midwest and the PNW. This will no doubt make all the fans up there super happy.

This has been quite a day for Edsel news! Along with the debut of Static-X’s Otsego Placebo video that Edsel directed, plus the looming release of Project Regeneration Vol 2, we also get new tour dates? Don’t forget, we still have the 2nd leg of the Machine Killer tour to look forward to! This is shaping up to be a killer year for Edsel. (Excuse the pun)

You can find info on how to purchase tickets for the new dates right here on Dope’s official site. Are you going to any of the shows? If they are playing close to where you live, go! I cannot recommend this tour enough. I had such a good time at the Atlanta stop. Don’t even think about it, your kids and your pets will be fine for a few hours with a babysitter! You deserve to treat yourself.

Jan 10, 2024

Otsego Placebo, directed by Edsel Dope, is LIVE!

Static-X has just dropped the video for “Otsego Placebo”, directed by Edsel Dope, and it is phenomenal. Somehow, Edsel has managed to capture what being at a Static-X show is like. It’s a kind of energy that just electrifies you. This video did not disappoint, that’s for sure. Have you seen it yet?

otsego placebo

In the video, you can see Edsel’s work as creative director for the band. I find a lot of people don’t know what being a creative director is: we hear the term frequently, but no one ever explains what the job entails. In its most basic sense, a creative director is responsible for creating and delivering a stylistic vision for their client. They are also responsible for media outreach and executing a cohesive brand strategy. I of course cannot comment on Edsel’s exact day to day as creative director for Static-X, but the aesthetics for stage shows would definitely be under the umbrella of his job.

I’ve taken a few choice caps that I think perfectly show off the energy and vibe of a Static-X live performance. And please watch the video for Otsego Placebo HERE on Static-X’s Youtube channel! If you have not already, give the video a big thumbs up and subscribe with notifications turned on. You don’t want to miss this and other videos from the band!

Jan 10, 2024

Edsel directed “Otsego Placebo” video to debut!

edsel directed otsego placebo video

BIG news! Static-X is dropping a video for the song Otsego Placebo on 10 January! Edsel is listed as having directed the video, so I’m absolutely covering this release! We don’t have a teaser with this one like we did for Dope’s Lovesong video, unfortunately. However, we do know from past videos Edsel has directed that he 110% knocks it out of the park every single time. Edsel has done an incredible job as Static-X’s creative director. I can’t wait to see this video. I’m super excited!

Click here to be taken to the video. If you’re reading this before it premieres, be sure to hit the notification bell as I’ve demonstrated above to make sure you’re notified when it debuts!

Jan 9, 2024

Dope VIP packages still available!

Dope VIP

Dope VIP packages are still available, per a post on Dope’s official Facebook page! Guys, I know I’ve harped about this a lot, but if you can swing it I really recommend taking this opportunity! As you know, I did in fact participate in the VIP bus hang in Atlanta and it was amazing! The entire meet and greet was for sure a bucket list experience for me. Best. Day. EVER.

Making the Most of your Experience!

If you’re going, here are some of my tips to ensure it’s a smooth experience:

  • Make sure you get to the venue a bit early. While the notice does say 17:45, we all know things can happen and it’s better to be early than too late.
  • Ask event staff to make sure you’re where you’re supposed to be if you’re not sure. Don’t be shy!
  • If it’s getting close to the meeting time and you haven’t heard anything, it’s okay to ask event staff if you’re where you need to be. Event staff can get side tracked just like anyone else.
  • If the line to get your free merch is too long, remember you can always get it after the show.
  • I actually went by myself because I had no one that wanted to come to Atlanta with me. So … my last tip is definitely bring a friend! I would have loved to share this experience with someone. (That sounds really sad, but I promise I was fine! I just wish I could have found a friend to go with me.) If you ARE going solo, that is completely okay. They won’t turn you away or anything.

I got to meet Edsel and Dan during the meet and greet. They were both very kind and gracious. As I mentioned in my post about the experience, I came away from this an even bigger fan of Edsel.

How to Purchase

Are you interested in purchasing a Dope VIP package for the 2nd leg of the Machine Killer Tour? Click here for info and how to purchase on Dope’s official website! The Machine Killer Tour 2nd leg kicks off on Feb 1st: have you got your tickets?? Click here to purchase!

Jan 7, 2024
Cristina Merch Roundup: January 2024

I’ve got that shopper’s eye again, so it’s time for another Merch Roundup! If you’re unfamiliar with the Merch Roundup, it’s quite simple: I choose my picks for the best of Dope’s merch store. We’re looking at the Machine Killer Tour’s 2nd leg on the horizon, so now’s a great time to get merch to prepare!

As always, a disclaimer: no one is paying me for my opinions! I don’t get a commission if you buy any of this. These are just items I like and want to highlight on

dope shirt

2022 Logo Shirt

You know, there’s something to be said about the classics. You’ve got that iconic Dope logo… what else do you really need? And as someone who has a few shirts from this merch store, I gotta say… they’re some of the most comfy shirts I own. So you’ll be classic AND comfortable.

Flag Shirt

Another iconic Dope logo: the flag logo. I’d really be hard pressed to name something more quintessentially Dope than this.

Believe Mug

One of these days, I’ll do a Merch Roundup that doesn’t have a mug. Today’s not that day. You can always use another mug in your collection. I picked this one because I’ve always found that fiery zero logo quite cool. Plus you’ll be repping quite an awesome song.

Dope Null Shirt

Yes indeed there is a shirt with only the Dope Null logo. However, this is merch from the Rise of the Machine tour AND it’s on sale as of this writing. The addition of the text logo is a nice touch.

And that wraps up the January Merch Roundup! Hopefully my picks inspired you to grab something interesting from the merch store. Click here for past Merch Roundups!