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Feb 11, 2024

Drama Club – Halloween 365 (Flashback Sunday)

Welcome to another Flashback Sunday! Let’s take a look at one of Edsel’s projects outside of Dope: Drama Club – Halloween 365 (Never Coming Down). But first, I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been a bit busy/sidetracked, but I’ve been working on the site in the background nearly every day! I’ve also been working on posting more regularly on EDF’s Tiktok, as I know you guys like those posts.

One of the genuine pleasures of running a fansite dedicated to Edsel is that I get to cover all aspects of his career. While we will continue the excitement and hype about Dope on the Machine Killer tour, I also want to celebrate his work and accomplishments in other mediums!

Anyway, let’s jump right into it. It’s Drama Club – Halloween 365 (Never Coming Down).

drama club - halloween 365


Fair warning – arachnophobes, look away in the first few moments of this video! You aren’t gonna like the massive issue in the beginning. Hehe. All jokes aside, the video for Halloween 365 was released in 2014. Nine years have passed, and it still remains the most popular video in Drama Club’s catalogue. This is for good reason: not only is the song a straight up jam, its video is tons of fun too!

As I’ve mentioned before, the song Believe off Dope’s latest release Blood Money Part Zer0 was originally meant to be a track for Drama Club. Looking at the Halloween 365 video now, you might get a sense of deja vu. There’s a reason for that – there are several callbacks to the Halloween 365 video in the Believe video. I’ve featured two below. Personally, I love this! I found these callbacks a cool way to represent both bands and how they can not only co-exist, but mesh beautifully!

Featured on 2015’s Neon Apocalypse, Halloween 365 closes out an album that shows another side of an enigmatic artist. A fun romp that is not only danceable, but danceable on repeat! If you’ve heard Dope’s Blood Money Part Zer0, you’ve heard Drama Club. But I also urge you to check out their music outside of their collaborations with Dope! Listen to Drama Club on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music.

You know it’s coming. I’ve got to. I’m gonna nag you about following Drama Club on their socials. It’s just what I do, after all. Sub to their Youtube, follow them on Facebook, X, and on Instagram.

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Feb 5, 2024

Group Therapy by Dope (Flashback Sunday)

Group Therapy by Dope was released on October 21st, 2003. For this week’s Flashback Sunday, I’ll be speaking a bit about this awesome album. And I’ve come with presents. Don’t I always? It’s a gallery update, and this one’s very on theme. It’s screencaps from “Bring it On”, one of the many videos that was released with the enhanced version of the record. But more on that in a bit.

Now let’s Bring it On… It’s Group Therapy by Dope!

group therapy by dope


Group Therapy was a bit ahead of its time in many respects. One of those ways is something you might not have expected! We hear about artists releasing visual albums from time to time, but did you know Dope was doing this before it was popular?

With the release of Group Therapy, there was a music video that accompanied every song in the enhanced version of the album. I genuinely can’t think of many (if any!) artists that were doing this so early in the industry. Keep in mind, this was 2003. There’s wasn’t much available to promote visual albums back then. There wasn’t any such thing as Youtube or other streaming services – Youtube wasn’t founded until 2005! (By the way, you’ve subbed to Dope’s Youtube channel, right? I hope so…) Netflix didn’t start video on demand till 2007. Trying something new relied largely on word of mouth or hopefully, promotion from your label.

Not Afraid To Be Different

Compared to 2001’s Life, which had a more straight up rock vibe, Group Therapy took things in a new direction. The album has been called a stark departure from Dope’s general tonal aggression, with songs such as “Easier”, “Sing” and “Another Day Goes By” punctuating a more alternative sound. Some say it’s an exception to the rule. I tend to disagree. I always thought the point of Dope is that there’s no hard and fast rules about what a Dope song is. Truth is, Edsel has never been afraid to experiment with his sound! In a landscape where artists have been hesitant about changing their sound too much, he’s always looking to push the envelope and shake things up. Group Therapy is just one such outing. I love when Edsel tries new things, as do so many of his fans!

I hope that this look back at Group Therapy inspires you to give this album another listen! It’s one of my favourite albums, and I hope it’s one of yours as well!

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Jan 14, 2024

Flashback Sunday: Sounds like Drama (Club)

For your Flashback Sunday today, I’m going to switch gears a tiny bit if you don’t mind. It feels like I talk a lot about Dope and Static-X in terms of Edsel or Edsel-adjacent projects. I love those subjects, but the man does A LOT of things I want to highlight. Today, we’re going to talk about one of those projects that isn’t talked about nearly enough. Today’s topic is… Drama Club!

To that end, we’re gonna feature this 2015 interview with Andy Biersack while I talk a bit about Drama Club. (It’s queued to start when they show up. Or rather… jump in, in a quite literal sense!) It’s a really fun interview, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Something about the energy makes me smile. Now, let’s talk about the band!

So, what IS Drama Club?

drama club

Drama Club is another musical project of Edsel Dope. If you’ve listened to Dope’s latest release Blood Money Part Zer0, you’ve heard Drama Club. The band features most notably on Lovesong and Misery, and the track Believe was initially meant to be for Drama Club, not Dope. Edsel Dope is of course in Drama Club, having revealed himself to be behind the persona of “Zer0”. The band was born of Edsel’s desire to do something different and put out another kind energy into the music industry. While Dope is very aggressive and in your face, Drama Club is a complete 180. Drama Club’s music tends to focus on themes of feeling free and being accepted, when there is a theme at all. (Sometimes dance music has no theme but “let’s party!”, and that’s great too!)

I’ve seen some reviewers get pedantic about Drama Club featuring on Blood Money Part Zer0, with the complaint that Edsel is guesting on his own work. I tend to think this is coming from people who don’t know anything about Drama Club or the kind of music they create. “Oh Edsel is part of the project, it must be exactly the same type of music!” I hate to dust off an old chestnut in response, but “one of these things is not like the other”.

The two projects are an apples and oranges comparison: Drama Club is a completely different band that produces completely different music. Drama Club is EDM/electronic, while Dope is of course metal/hard rock. If you’re looking for some of their music to check out, I have a few song recommendations for you! Try Rockit, Maniac and in keeping with the Flashback, They Don’t Need to Understand. That song was originally done by Andy Biersack (as Andy Black), and he’s also in today’s interview feature.

Looking for more of Drama Club? Of course you are. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And of course – sub to them on Youtube with notifications turned on.

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Dec 11, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Dope – Bus Invaders

For your Flashback Sunday today, I’ve got a fun one for you. Ever wondered what the inside of a tour bus is like? Of course you have. Did you know there’s a Youtube channel where you can have a peek inside of one?

Digital Tour Bus takes you inside the roving residences of your favourite musicians, and Dope was featured on their platform in 2017! Dope – Bus Invaders takes you inside Dope’s tour bus to see what life on the road is like for the legendary rockers. If you’re not familiar with Digital Tour Bus, it’s a bit like what MTV Cribs was, but for tour buses. Same basic concept – famous person shows you around and you ooh and ahh. So if you liked MTV Cribs, you’ll probably like Digital Tour Bus.

This video has a few notable things about it, for one… our guy himself is giving the tour! He’s very engaging and funny, as always. Additionally, Acey Slade also makes an appearance in the video! I won’t give away too much, but it’s an entertaining watch for sure. Dope also did these videos on the channel: Dope – Tour Tips and Dope – Tour Pranks.

If these videos interested you, why not check out the rest of Digital Tour Bus’s offerings on their Youtube channel? I admit, I’ve watched quite a lot of their stuff! It’s actually really interesting to see what essentials people bring with them as they crisscross the country.

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Nov 26, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Heavy New York Interview

For today’s Flashback Sunday, we’re looking back at an interview with Edsel with Heavy New York. For those unfamiliar with Heavy New York, here’s how they describe themselves on their Youtube channel:

Alex Haber of Heavy New York takes you on a journey through the Heavy music through many artist interviews to discuss their songwriting process, inspiration, creative energy, hometown scenes and the metal community itself.

In the interview, Edsel talks about Dope’s start in NYC, his inspiration and lyrical process, and a whole lot more. Check out the interview, and if you like what you see, why not sub to Heavy New York on Youtube? You can also visit their website at

Oct 29, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Misery, baby…


For your Flashback Sunday this week, we’ve gone against the grain a bit. We usually point you to an interview but today, we’re taking a look at the video for Misery off Dope’s latest release Blood Money Part Zer0.

Misery was directed by Edsel Dope and longtime collaborator Matt Zane. Like Lovesong, Misery also showcases the talents of Drama Club, which always add an innovative twist to any track. As with any production between the powerhouse duo of Edsel and Matt Zane, this video is nothing but quality from start to finish. The artistry still brings the boys to the yard, or in this case… would it be the sideshow to the circus? Which leads us to the next question: who are the mysterious circus performers featured in the video?

Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow are an entertainment troupe based out of Dallas, Texas. Led by creator and mastermind Bryce “The Govna” Graves, Hellzapoppin takes the traditional idea of the circus sideshow and turns it on its head. Described as a rock n roll circus sideshow, Hellzapoppin features incredible stunt performers like the fiery Willow Lauren, illusionist Dan Sperry, and the thrilling Andrew S. You can check out Hellzapoppin’s fantastic performance right here in the Misery video – and if you like what you see, why not catch them on tour? They have dates all throughout the rest of 2023, and from what I’ve checked out it’s a hell of a show.

Once you’re done watching the video for Misery, be sure to give it a thumbs up on Youtube and if you haven’t already, subscribe to @dopetheband. You can also check out EDF Photo’s 71 screencaps of the Misery video!

Sep 4, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Dope on Tour!

For your Flashback Sunday, we’re still celebrating the upcoming Machine Killer tour! Today’s blast from the past is not -too- distant, as we look back to the Rise of the Machine tour. We got some killer performances on this tour, along with some amazing photos. Here’s one of my favourites from Dope’s official Facebook:

This is credit to Jesse Edgar Photography (per Dope’s Facebook). Please visit their website to support them!

I have to say, the photographers covering Dope lately have been on point. Insane amount of talent on display. It is always such a delight when we’re treated to new photos of the band, especially ones that are of this high quality.

If you aren’t following Dope on Facebook, why not do so today? And for those who haven’t gotten their tickets for the Machine Killer tour yet, click here to find out more! Judging by how wildly successful the Rise of the Machine tour was, this one’s going to sell out fast. I know I’ve got my tickets – I’ll be at the Atlanta show! If you can’t make it, don’t worry – I’m taking you with me! I’m coming back with photos and videos, so stay tuned.

Aug 13, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Dope on Tour

After some thought, I’ve decided your Flashback Sunday will not be such a far flung blast from the past. Instead, I would like to highlight the upcoming Machine Killer tour – Dope is supporting Static-X and Sevendust on what promises to be a killer North American tour. I’ll see myself out.

The Machine Killer tour is getting closer and closer, and I think that’s reason to celebrate this Sunday. So we’re talking all about the tour and how you can get tickets! (By the way – I’ll be at the Atlanta stop!! You better believe I’m excited!)

Various members of Static-X were quoted saying that they’re bringing new production elements, giving fans something to look forward to from the headliners. From what I’ve seen of their shows on the Rise of the Machine tour… I have to say they were already spectacular, so colour me hyped.

No news as of yet on what we can expect from Dope, but really… when do they NOT bring the house down? As any long term fan can attest, there’s no energy quite like Dope when they take the stage. Guys, these are shows you won’t want to miss. So the only thing left? Buying your tickets!

Tickets are still available, but they’re sure to sell out fast if the Rise of the Machine tour is anything to go by. Score some at Dope’s official site while you still can.

We’re flashing back to Dope’s first short on Youtube promoting the Machine Killer tour. Personally, I’d love for them to post more of these!

Jul 23, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Teaser

For your Flashback Sunday this week, we have an interview teaser featuring Edsel Dope on Sadly the full interview seems to be lost, as the link provided takes you to a 404. Still, it’s a pretty interesting flashback and well worth watching!

Credit: Youtube channel/