Jan 9, 2024

Dope VIP packages still available!

Dope VIP

Dope VIP packages are still available, per a post on Dope’s official Facebook page! Guys, I know I’ve harped about this a lot, but if you can swing it I really recommend taking this opportunity! As you know, I did in fact participate in the VIP bus hang in Atlanta and it was amazing! The entire meet and greet was for sure a bucket list experience for me. Best. Day. EVER.

Making the Most of your Experience!

If you’re going, here are some of my tips to ensure it’s a smooth experience:

  • Make sure you get to the venue a bit early. While the notice does say 17:45, we all know things can happen and it’s better to be early than too late.
  • Ask event staff to make sure you’re where you’re supposed to be if you’re not sure. Don’t be shy!
  • If it’s getting close to the meeting time and you haven’t heard anything, it’s okay to ask event staff if you’re where you need to be. Event staff can get side tracked just like anyone else.
  • If the line to get your free merch is too long, remember you can always get it after the show.
  • I actually went by myself because I had no one that wanted to come to Atlanta with me. So … my last tip is definitely bring a friend! I would have loved to share this experience with someone. (That sounds really sad, but I promise I was fine! I just wish I could have found a friend to go with me.) If you ARE going solo, that is completely okay. They won’t turn you away or anything.

I got to meet Edsel and Dan during the meet and greet. They were both very kind and gracious. As I mentioned in my post about the experience, I came away from this an even bigger fan of Edsel.

How to Purchase

Are you interested in purchasing a Dope VIP package for the 2nd leg of the Machine Killer Tour? Click here for info and how to purchase on Dope’s official website! The Machine Killer Tour 2nd leg kicks off on Feb 1st: have you got your tickets?? Click here to purchase!