Jan 26, 2024

Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2 OUT NOW!

Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2 has been released! That’s right, the day we’ve been waiting for is FINALLY here! We don’t normally cover Static-X here but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least say something about this release. And as we all know, Edsel has long worked with Static-X as their creative director and has helmed many of their videos!

static-x project regeneration vol 2

I’m not joking, they way I jumped up when I got the notification that the album was available! I’ve listened to every song track by track several times. What’s my verdict?

EDF.org’s Review: Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2

It’s… amazing.

Like a lot of fans, I listened to the album teaser on repeat. I can safely say the album itself 100% lived up to the teaser. In the past I’ve listened to albums where there’s at least one or two songs that are obviously filler. (Sometimes more) Not only is there absolutely no filler on Project Regeneration Vol 2, every song totally rocks. It’s not often that I say this, and I don’t say it lightly: there is not one bad song on this album. Standouts for me are Black Star, Kamikaze, Take Control, and Disco Otsego. When I got to From Heaven… I might have been ugly crying, Kim Kardashian style. (But since there’s no picture to prove it, might as well have not happened!)

Project Regeneration Vol 2 sees Ulrich Wild return to mix and master, along with Tony, Ken, and Koichi. As a result, we have a cohesive and satisfying record that fits perfectly in the band’s discography. Project Regeneration Vol 2 pays tribute to Wayne’s memory while further keeping Evil Disco alive and well!

Static-X Project Regeneration Vol 2 is available for purchase from Static-X’s official website. You can also stream it on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Youtube Music!