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May 2, 2024

Dope at Sick New World Photos

Want to see new pics of Dope at Sick New World? Then why aren’t you following Dope on their social media accounts? One of the pics they’ve posted is of Edsel, and when I tell you I covet that shirt… I’m not kidding. That is a fricking rad shirt. It looks like Dope’s set brought in a lot of people judging by that shot of the audience. We love to see it!

dope sick new world

Seriously, if you aren’t following Dope on social media… what in the world (the Sick New World in this case) … are you doing with your time? Stop doom scrolling for a moment and follow Dope! (Actually, maybe stop doom scrolling altogether, that’s not good for you). To see ALL the pics Dope posted from this concert on their social media accounts, please follow them with the links below.

Facebook: @dopetheband
Instagram: @dopetheband
X: @dopetheband

In Dope tour news, the Machine Killer Tour is still going strong! As far as I know, VIP packages are still available – if you can swing it, it’s a really awesome experience. Every Dope fan’s dream, really. For more info, check out my post here on what to expect on the VIP experience. It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but honestly for me? The experience of getting to meet my idol and muse was absolutely priceless. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Remember, remember the… 4th of May. (Pardon me, Edsel’s attire got that stuck in my head, so I had to use the joke.)’s ONE YEAR anniversary is coming up, and we couldn’t be more excited. I hope you’ll be back to celebrate with us. <3

Apr 19, 2024

Dope on tour HYPE: Celebrate the Best!

Dope is on tour starting the 26th of April! That’s right, the third leg of the Machine Killer Tour carves a path through the Pacific Northwest, Canada and the Midwest! We’re super excited here at and we think this incredible tour is reason to celebrate! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Machine Killer Tour, here’s a bit of a breakdown:

  • Static-X and Sevendust headline, Dope and Lines of Loyalty are supporting.
  • This is a North American tour, and there have been two legs of this tour so far! (See my review of the Atlanta stop here)
  • There are chances to meet Dope in various VIP packages that are on sale now! Click here for info and how to purchase.

I’ve been shouting about this tour for what seems like actual ages, and honestly? If I haven’t convinced you that you should see this show by now, I don’t know what to tell you! I think the footage I captured at the Atlanta stop speaks for itself, really. I was pretty close to the stage and captured some great stuff. Mind you, I wasn’t filming the entire time: I was kind of focused on enjoying the moment! There’s a lot of awesome creators that have filmed full length Dope sets, and if you like I’ll highlight these creators in a future post. For now, let’s take a look at what I filmed at the Tabernacle:


Dope @ the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Filmed by If you have a chance to see the #machinekillertour in a city near you: DO IT. It’s incredible. #edseldope #dopetheband #dope #dopearmy #thetabernacle #atlanta #atlantageorgia #atl

♬ original sound –

Edsel pretty much sounds identical to the record when you see him live. It’s pretty wild! I did buy a VIP package as well and that was also freaking rad. If you can swing it, and they’re available at the show you want to attend, definitely consider it! Edsel is very sweet and gracious.

Curious? See for yourself!

What do you say? Have I intrigued you? Looking to purchase your own tickets to the Machine Killer Tour? Everyone should see Dope on tour at least once. Click here for how to purchase your tickets! I’m seriously so excited for you if you get to go!

Apr 13, 2024

Dope tour news, gallery updates, and more!

Hello hello! I’ve gone a bit longer than I prefer without any updates, for that I do apologise. I’ve been working pretty steadily on the site, so I’m always around. Today’s update has Dope tour news, a gallery update and more! So without further ado, let’s hop right into it.

Dope on Tour

  • The THIRD leg of the Machine Killer Tour starts on the 26th of April. This jaunt across North America looks like it’s taking the tour across the PNW, Canada and the Midwest. Are you in or near any of the cities the tour is coming through? I harp on this every single time I bring this tour up it seems, but it really is incredible. I had an awesome time, and I encourage you to get your tickets if they’re playing nearby. I ended up having to travel quite a ways to see this show, but I would do it every single week if that was in any way doable. It’s THAT good.

If you’re interested, click here for info and how to purchase!

Gallery Update: Robbs Metal Works

dope tour


  • I’ve had some requests to find older Dope interviews and media. Alright. Here’s a blast from the past courtesy of Robbs Metal Works. This is an interview from 2005, right when American Apathy came out. This album will always be a bit sentimental for me, because it’s the album that started my passion for Dope. Edsel and Racci are in this one, and I think it’s a great watch. They talk about American Apathy, the music business as a whole, the tour at the time, fan response, and much more. This is a fairly long interview at 19 minutes (we love to see it!), it’s well paced and interviewer Robb Chavez is personable and fun.
  • Speaking of, one of the best parts of our Interview Directory is using EDF’s platform to put the spotlight on the content creators behind them as well! I wasn’t aware of Robbs Metal Works before I saw this interview, and now that I am, I’m actually shocked they don’t have more subs. I love their interview style, they’re really engaging and cool. They’re still active, so if you liked this interview please do check out their other content! You can find them right here.

Misc Site Updates

  • I’ve brought back link buttons, but moved them! If you want to link, you can head right here to see our new Website page or just grab the buttons down below. Thank you very much if you’ve linked, I really appreciate all the support.

And that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this update. Will you be going to the Machine Killer Tour? If so, I hope you have the best time.

Apr 4, 2024
Cristina Merch Round-up: Static X Reloaded

Let’s get a bit hyped up for the third leg of the Machine Killer Tour, everybody! The third leg of the tour is starting April 26th. Dope, Static-X, Sevendust, this is a dream lineup. Have you gotten your tickets yet? If not, click right here for info and how to purchase! If you’ve gone, I hope you had a blast. I know I did!

In honour of the upcoming third leg of the tour, I thought I would do one more Static-X merch round up just for fun. We don’t normally cover Static-X here, but we do sometimes since they have an Edsel Dope connection. After all, Edsel IS their manager and producer – plus he appears in upcoming Evil Disco movie! Edsel Dope and Static-X, it just makes sense. I’ve also had the suggestion of doing this for their tourmates Sevendust, which is a fun idea as well. I may do that, so stay tuned.

But first, this.

As we always do, we enter each Merch Roundup with a big fat DISCLAIMER: none of these are affiliate links. I am not paid or otherwise compensated for my opinions.

I know I say this every single time, but it’s worth repeating. These are just my opinions as a fan, for fans! Think of me as your online bestie, showing you cool band merch. Now that’s out of the way, let’s jump right in.

dope static x

Ratta Rodriguez Mug

A mug is back in the roundup? Heck yeah! All is right with the world. I believe I featured this in my previous Static-X Merch Roundup, and it’s roaring back mostly to remind me to put this in my cart ASAP! Did you know you can actually get this and any other mug in two different sizes? I didn’t until today. Hey, I might not be swift on the uptake, but I have good taste, at least.

On a side note, you can check out the work of Ratta Rodriguez on his Instagram. He’s the one who made this awesome artwork!

Keep Disco Evil Shirt

Honour the iconic King of Evil Disco, Wayne Static, by showing that you’re doing your part to keep disco evil!

Blue Shock Logo

You guys know me by now. I think nothing really beats the classics. And you can’t go wrong with this classic Static-X logo shirt.

Machine 20th Anniversary Shirt

Show your support for this essential Static-X album with this shirt.

That’s it for today! It was fun to look at some Static-X merch with you. What did you think of my picks? Will you be grabbing any for the Machine Killer Tour?

Mar 15, 2024

Gallery update (Dope – Hold On) and more!

We’re getting closer and closer to Edsel’s birthday! And we’re not slowing down even a little bit with the celebrations. We’re starting off strong with the addition of a new gallery (Dope – Hold On) and moving right into updates to the Graphic Archive. Let’s hop right into it!

dope hold on


  • 54 screencaps added to the gallery for Dope – Hold On. Major oversight on my part for not adding this gallery sooner. I actually really like this video, it portrays Edsel in a bit of a different way than other releases. You know we love our versatile king!

Graphic Archive Updates

  • One new wallpaper added. I’ve been refreshing the Graphic Archive a bit, and what better time to do it really? To view the other wallpapers click here! (This wallpaper will save as full size, should you save it)

Assorted GIFs Added

No previews for this one – just head straight for the galleries. All GIFs are bundled so that they display one at a time. No yeeting your computer out the window due to slow loading times today! To save, simply scroll until you find the one you want. Then press the Download button at the top of the gallery.

In tour news – the Machine Killer Tour returns April 26th as Dope joins the almighty Static-X and Sevendust! Have you gotten your tickets yet?! Click here for info and how to purchase. You do NOT want to miss this tour! This is essentially a dream team, and I can attest this show is absolutely incredible. Don’t think about it – if they’re coming to your town, just go! Honestly, I would have seen this show twenty more times if that was an option.

That’s about it for this update! I hope you’re enjoying these mega updates as much as I am. There’s still a lot of March left, so there’s more to come.

Jan 9, 2024

Dope VIP packages still available!

Dope VIP

Dope VIP packages are still available, per a post on Dope’s official Facebook page! Guys, I know I’ve harped about this a lot, but if you can swing it I really recommend taking this opportunity! As you know, I did in fact participate in the VIP bus hang in Atlanta and it was amazing! The entire meet and greet was for sure a bucket list experience for me. Best. Day. EVER.

Making the Most of your Experience!

If you’re going, here are some of my tips to ensure it’s a smooth experience:

  • Make sure you get to the venue a bit early. While the notice does say 17:45, we all know things can happen and it’s better to be early than too late.
  • Ask event staff to make sure you’re where you’re supposed to be if you’re not sure. Don’t be shy!
  • If it’s getting close to the meeting time and you haven’t heard anything, it’s okay to ask event staff if you’re where you need to be. Event staff can get side tracked just like anyone else.
  • If the line to get your free merch is too long, remember you can always get it after the show.
  • I actually went by myself because I had no one that wanted to come to Atlanta with me. So … my last tip is definitely bring a friend! I would have loved to share this experience with someone. (That sounds really sad, but I promise I was fine! I just wish I could have found a friend to go with me.) If you ARE going solo, that is completely okay. They won’t turn you away or anything.

I got to meet Edsel and Dan during the meet and greet. They were both very kind and gracious. As I mentioned in my post about the experience, I came away from this an even bigger fan of Edsel.

How to Purchase

Are you interested in purchasing a Dope VIP package for the 2nd leg of the Machine Killer Tour? Click here for info and how to purchase on Dope’s official website! The Machine Killer Tour 2nd leg kicks off on Feb 1st: have you got your tickets?? Click here to purchase!

Dec 15, 2023

Machine Killer Tour 2nd Leg Starts Feb. 1st!

Machine Killer Tour

The second leg of the highly successful Machine Killer North American Tour starts February 1st in Myrtle Beach, SC! Dope joins Static-X and Sevendust on this explosive jaunt across the United States! This is a second shot to see certified rock and metal legends if you’ve not already. Guys, I was at the Atlanta stop and I can attest: this show is WELL worth your time! I had an absolute blast!

VIP packages are still available! I also took part in the VIP Bus Hang add on – if you can swing it, this is an incredible experience. I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Edsel during, and found him to be very sweet and gracious. If you’d like to read my thoughts about the Machine Killer Tour stop in Atlanta, I wrote it up awhile back here on

I could make a slick video or write any number of flowery words to try to convince you to get tix to this show, but talent always speaks for itself. Check out this video I took in Atlanta! Yes, it’s off our Tiktok… don’t you dare judge me.


I dont need a fancy ass video to convince you to go see the Machine Killer Tour when it rolls into your town. I COULD make one, but why?? This electrifying performance speaks for itself. I was at the Atlanta stop and it was incredible! Interested? Check for info and how to purchase! #dope #dopetheband #edseldope #dopearmy #dopeband #music #bloodmoneypartzero #metal #machinekillertour #thetabernacle

♬ original sound –

Looking for tickets? Check out Dope’s official site right here, and for VIP packages, click here.

Oct 13, 2023

Machine Killer Tour: Tabernacle, ATL

On the 10th of October, I was in attendance at the Machine Killer Tour’s stop in Atlanta. My advice? If you have a chance to see this show when it comes to a town near you, *do it.* It was absolutely incredible. I’ll try to give you a bit of a rundown of what went on as best I can.

While I was mostly in attendance to cover Dope, I have to say the entire show has a level of production value and polish that makes every moment a visual and auditory feast. Dope took the stage after Lines of Loyalty (keep reading for my opinions on them). Edsel’s voice sounded fantastic during this set, as though he had barely aged a day since Dope first exploded onto the music scene. I’d go as far to say that his voice sounds basically identical to how it does on Dope records, which is a feat not a lot of vocalists can claim. My only gripe is not even a gripe, really: I just wish the set had been longer! I could have gone for an hour of listening to them. As they were an opening act, their set was short but damn did it kick ass.

I’ve added several videos from the performance to’s Youtube page. Though you might find the opinion of the webmaster of an Edsel Dope fansite a bit biased (Which… fair, enough, I guess?), I think the videos prove that Dope’s still got it. Click here if you’d like to see them! I’ve still got more to upload, so keep checking back! (And while you’re at it, please also sub to Dope’s official YT – you can do so at @dopetheband)

Additionally, I had the absolute honour and pleasure of meeting Edsel as part of the VIP Bus Hang add on. To say this was a dream realized is a massive understatement. He was very sweet and very kind. Just a really genuine and authentic person. I actually walked away from that meeting even more of a fan of his, which I didn’t think was possible! I also got to meet Daniel Fox, who is adorable. He gave each member of the VIP group one of his picks, a bonus I will certainly treasure.

If you can swing it, I recommend taking part in this VIP package if there are any left at the show you’re attending. I don’t use the phrase “best day ever” lightly, but this was probably my best day ever. Compared to a lot of artist meet and greets, this gives you a lot of value for what you spend and the memories are absolutely priceless.

My thoughts on the other acts on the bill:

  • Lines of Loyalty: I had actually never heard of this band before, and only managed to catch the tail end of their set. So my opinion is informed only by the little I saw. From what I was able to check out, they rocked *hard*. Give them a listen on their official YT page @LINESOFLOYALTY.
  • Sevendust: You might think it’s heresy that I was not too familiar with Sevendust in the ATL (that’s Sevendust country!), but their set gained them a new fan: me! Hearing Lajon speak about his deep roots and emotional connection to Atlanta was a powerful moment. The band brought the house down with their slick production values and not a single person was seated or still during the entire set. Mad respect to these guys.
  • Static-X: Though I was indeed there to cover Dope, I have to say I was equally excited to see Static-X. I didn’t indulge in the spoilers or fan vids I knew were floating around about their show, and this was a sound decision in my opinion. Seeing it with fresh eyes without knowing what was going to happen next was thrilling. The tribute to Wayne Static (“Cold”) was made even sweeter by the revelation that Wayne’s mother and sister were in the house that night.

It might seem like this post is just a gushing mountain of praise, and you’d be correct to think that. Because… it is! But it’s well deserved. I’m not the type to blow smoke up someone’s ass and tell them something’s worth it when it isn’t. And this whole experience was 100% worth every bit I spent on it (And I’m talking airfare, hotels and Ubers as well, since I travelled to be there!) In all honesty, if I had the money and resources I would see this lineup twenty more times. If the tour is rolling through or near your town: go. You’ll have a fucking blast.

Oct 12, 2023

Sending love to Andre “Virus” Karkos: Get well soon! sends the utmost love and support to Dope guitarist Andre “Virus” Karkos. Virus was taken ill while on the Machine Killer tour, leaving to receive medical treatment. Virus, we love you and are hoping you make a speedy recovery!

Sep 20, 2023

More Dope tour news!

The highly anticipated Machine Killer tour begins tomorrow! On the eve of what promises to be a tour not to miss, we got news. Big news. The Machine Killer Tour is running through the end of February of next year! That’s right – if you haven’t gotten the chance to see Dope opening for the almighty Static-X and Sevendust, you’ve got another shot to get in on the action! We love to see it. You can find info about the extended dates right here on Dope’s official site.

If this wasn’t your sign to get tickets now, I don’t know what more to tell you. I know I’ve got mine!

Along with this incredible announcement, we were treated to a new tour poster that showcases the additional dates. You can see it below – click the poster for full size!

Dope’s official Facebook also posted a short publicizing the extended dates – click here to view it.