Jan 20, 2024

Dope Music Videos (The Essentials Series)

Continuing our Essentials series, today we’re looking at Dope music videos. I will be highlighting the five videos I think are the most iconic (in my opinion) out of Dope’s entire catalogue. As always, this post comes with a disclaimer: I am not a “professional” reviewer. I’m just a fan, and these are my opinions! If yours are different, I love that for you. What a boring life we’d have if everyone agreed about everything.

Are you ready? Let’s get right into it.

Number 1: “Lovesong”
Album: Blood Money Part Zer0

dope video lovesong


This probably didn’t come as much of a surprise for those who’ve been repeat visitors to this site. I’ve spoken quite a lot of my love for this video. A collaboration between Edsel and long time creative partner Matt Zane, Lovesong is an interesting spin on the original The Cure classic. I think one of the marks of a great music video is the ability for it to transport you to a time and a place. It’s easy to get drawn into this evocative world. The aesthetics, the general mood of the video, it all works.

Number 2: “Now or Never”
Album: Life

dope video now or never


I have also frequently expressed my love for Now or Never. Prior to the release of Lovesong, it was my favorite Dope video. Although it currently sits at a respectable number 2, it will forever occupy a unique spot in my heart. A bit of a bummer is that this video tends to be overlooked or underrated by fans. Despite the widespread acclaim for Blood Money as the epitome of Dope’s vibe, I firmly believe that Now or Never encapsulates that essence just as well.

Number 3: “Misery”
Album: Blood Money Part Zer0


Hey look, another Edsel and Matt Zane collab! Featuring the Hellzapoppin’ Circus sideshow (read more about them in my Flashback Sunday feature about the video here), Misery is the kind of slick, fun rock n roll we love to hear. And the video really is no different at all. It’s a blast all around, for sure. I don’t often rewatch music videos, but this one? You bet.

Number 4: “Sing”
Album: Group Therapy


You ever watch a video and you just “get” it? It’s a bit hard to explain – it just feels like this video IS this song. I don’t think it would have fit as well if it was anything else. And that it’s so simple is another win in its corner. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing bells and whistles as much as any girl does. But sometimes, a video get a mark in the W column just as easily without it.

Number 5: “Believe”
Album: Blood Money Part Zer0


Yes, I know. I’ve chosen quite a few videos from the latest album. But eh, what are ya gonna do? I admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for snow/winterscapes (I liked it in Lovesong as well). I also like the callbacks to Drama Club’s video for Halloween 365. It’s a fun tie in for a song that was originally meant to be for Drama Club. As a fan of both groups, I found it a very creative and interesting way for both to be represented AND stay true to each.

That’s my rundown of the top five Dope videos (in my opinion). Did I miss your fave? Don’t worry, I probably love that one too. That being said, I don’t want to keep you here all day, and I certainly could if left to talk about this subject. Until next time, folks!

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