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Apr 8, 2024

Stay Connected: Follow Edsel on Social Media

Are you on social media? Edsel is, too! Why not give him a follow? You can stay connected to him and be in the know about his future projects by following him across these platforms. Below are the ways you can connect with Edsel on social media – and also where you can stream his music!

Youtube: @dopetheband (Dope) / @dramaclubtv1 (Drama Club)

  • An awesome way to support Edsel’s music is to sub on Youtube. When you sub, be sure to hit the notification bell and select “All” on your notification preferences. That way you’ll never miss a video! I’ve shown how to do that below. Just hit the button that says “Subscribed” and you’ll be greeted with this drop down menu. Select “All”, and you’ll secure your notification whenever either band uploads to their channel!
    edsel on social media

Instagram: @dopetheband (Dope) / @dramaclubmusic (Drama Club)

Facebook: @dopetheband / @dramaclubmusic (Drama Club)

X: @dopetheband / @dramaclubmusic1 (Drama Club)

Edsel on Social Media: Listen to Edsel’s Music

Additionally, you can also stream Edsel’s music across many different platforms. I do encourage you to buy physical copies of his music if you can, though – you get a lot with it! There’s a lot of cool merch bundles in the Dope shop: they contain not only physical copies of Dope’s music, but stuff like hoodies, guitar picks, that sort of thing. Or if you’d just prefer the album or CD, they have that as well! Definitely worth checking out, if you have a chance.

Dope: Dope’s actually made it super easy to stream their entire catalogue by providing you with this link here. Just choose your preferred music streaming platform and you’re set! They’re on just about every platform, so you have a ton of choice.

Drama Club: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music

I hope these links were useful! Do you plan to follow Edsel on social media?

Mar 13, 2024

Edsel’s birthday month needs celebrations with Drama (Club)! is continuing our celebrations of Edsel’s birthday month all throughout March! And what better way to celebrate our idol with some Drama… Club! That’s the only kind of drama I want around here, personally.

Today’s update sees not one, not three, but FIVE galleries added to the Interview Directory! These are the first galleries for Drama Club interviews, and I’m very excited for you to see them. While you’re there, I encourage you to check out each interview – I have them linked here and also in the Directory. Please support these content creators – I hadn’t heard of some of them before, and ended up really enjoying them!

edsel's birthday

What’s part of this massive update? Let’s go over what you’ll find in EDF Photo:

Gallery Updates:

  • 2014 Interview with 30 images from a 2014 interview with Clubhead TV added. Of note are the guys talking about living in a fantasy land which is basically how I live every day. They also speak about the general DJ culture and how they value the performance aspect of what it is they do. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Austin Underground Interview: 24 images from a 2015 interview with Austin Underground added. This interview was done during the Vans Warped tour! It’s very enjoyable to hear them talk about their songwriting process, because you really do feel their sincerity. No rules, just feeling, and you know what? I vibe with that hard. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Jackie Cular Interview: 27 images from a 2015 interview with Jackie Cular added. I ended up really liking this content creator, she seems very natural and laid back. Makes for a very enjoyable interviewer when you have an engaging personality like that. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Dark City Interviews: 49 images from a 2015 interview with Dark City Interviews added. Speaking of engaging personalities, this one starts with Edsel showing his off. I love how they both sound so thankful and grateful for everything they experience, it’s so refreshing. No surly bad energy here. We love to see it. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Alternative Press Interview: 29 images from a 2015 interview with Alternative Press added. Long time visitors to the site are familiar with this interview – it’s got Andy Black (aka Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides). He makes an offhand remark about them being born with those faces and I hate admitting I laughed about that for about five minutes. Watch the interview: here.

But Wait! There’s More!

At nearly 2000 pictures and counting, EDF Photo is the largest and most continuously updated gallery dedicated to the amazing Edsel Dope. I really hope you enjoy this massive update, and the interviews that accompany it! We’re celebrating Edsel’s birthday all March long, and you better believe we’re doing it in a big way. Don’t miss out!

Feb 26, 2024

Drama Club video galleries + Graphic Archive Update

Hello there! I’m back with another update. This time, I’m bringing you an update to the Drama Club video galleries, and a small update to the Graphic Archive. Read on to find out what’s new!

drama club video galleries


I’ve added 45 screencaps to the “Maniac” gallery. Drama Club is a new-ish video category on EDF Photo, and I hope it becomes one of your favourites. We don’t only cover Dope here on, because we are an Edsel Dope fansite. We cover ALL aspects of Edsel’s career here! I find too few people have seen the video for Maniac – if that sounds like you, you know how to fix that, yeah? I’ve provided the link to the video right above. And while you’re at it, sub to Drama Club’s Youtube channel. Might as well, you’re going there anyway to watch the video!


57 screencaps from They Don’t Need to Understand have been added! This is a remix of a song by Andy Black (aka Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides). Recently, it occurred to me that I’d never heard the original, so I looked it up. If you’re curious as well, you can listen to the original here. Having heard both… I have to say I do prefer the remix by Drama Club. Don’t get me wrong – both are awesome! You put either on and I’m stoked, no question. The Drama Club remix just has that bit of extra edge that I like. I do hope you listen to both though!

Graphic Archive Update

Along with the Drama Club video galleries, I’ve added four gifs of the Maniac video to the Graphic Archive. Since I don’t hate your connection, I’ve bundled my gifs so they load one at a time. Simply choose the download option at the top of the gallery and you’re set!

Feb 11, 2024

Drama Club – Halloween 365 (Flashback Sunday)

Welcome to another Flashback Sunday! Let’s take a look at one of Edsel’s projects outside of Dope: Drama Club – Halloween 365 (Never Coming Down). But first, I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been a bit busy/sidetracked, but I’ve been working on the site in the background nearly every day! I’ve also been working on posting more regularly on EDF’s Tiktok, as I know you guys like those posts.

One of the genuine pleasures of running a fansite dedicated to Edsel is that I get to cover all aspects of his career. While we will continue the excitement and hype about Dope on the Machine Killer tour, I also want to celebrate his work and accomplishments in other mediums!

Anyway, let’s jump right into it. It’s Drama Club – Halloween 365 (Never Coming Down).

drama club - halloween 365


Fair warning – arachnophobes, look away in the first few moments of this video! You aren’t gonna like the massive issue in the beginning. Hehe. All jokes aside, the video for Halloween 365 was released in 2014. Nine years have passed, and it still remains the most popular video in Drama Club’s catalogue. This is for good reason: not only is the song a straight up jam, its video is tons of fun too!

As I’ve mentioned before, the song Believe off Dope’s latest release Blood Money Part Zer0 was originally meant to be a track for Drama Club. Looking at the Halloween 365 video now, you might get a sense of deja vu. There’s a reason for that – there are several callbacks to the Halloween 365 video in the Believe video. I’ve featured two below. Personally, I love this! I found these callbacks a cool way to represent both bands and how they can not only co-exist, but mesh beautifully!

Featured on 2015’s Neon Apocalypse, Halloween 365 closes out an album that shows another side of an enigmatic artist. A fun romp that is not only danceable, but danceable on repeat! If you’ve heard Dope’s Blood Money Part Zer0, you’ve heard Drama Club. But I also urge you to check out their music outside of their collaborations with Dope! Listen to Drama Club on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music.

You know it’s coming. I’ve got to. I’m gonna nag you about following Drama Club on their socials. It’s just what I do, after all. Sub to their Youtube, follow them on Facebook, X, and on Instagram.

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Jan 14, 2024

Flashback Sunday: Sounds like Drama (Club)

For your Flashback Sunday today, I’m going to switch gears a tiny bit if you don’t mind. It feels like I talk a lot about Dope and Static-X in terms of Edsel or Edsel-adjacent projects. I love those subjects, but the man does A LOT of things I want to highlight. Today, we’re going to talk about one of those projects that isn’t talked about nearly enough. Today’s topic is… Drama Club!

To that end, we’re gonna feature this 2015 interview with Andy Biersack while I talk a bit about Drama Club. (It’s queued to start when they show up. Or rather… jump in, in a quite literal sense!) It’s a really fun interview, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Something about the energy makes me smile. Now, let’s talk about the band!

So, what IS Drama Club?

drama club

Drama Club is another musical project of Edsel Dope. If you’ve listened to Dope’s latest release Blood Money Part Zer0, you’ve heard Drama Club. The band features most notably on Lovesong and Misery, and the track Believe was initially meant to be for Drama Club, not Dope. Edsel Dope is of course in Drama Club, having revealed himself to be behind the persona of “Zer0”. The band was born of Edsel’s desire to do something different and put out another kind energy into the music industry. While Dope is very aggressive and in your face, Drama Club is a complete 180. Drama Club’s music tends to focus on themes of feeling free and being accepted, when there is a theme at all. (Sometimes dance music has no theme but “let’s party!”, and that’s great too!)

I’ve seen some reviewers get pedantic about Drama Club featuring on Blood Money Part Zer0, with the complaint that Edsel is guesting on his own work. I tend to think this is coming from people who don’t know anything about Drama Club or the kind of music they create. “Oh Edsel is part of the project, it must be exactly the same type of music!” I hate to dust off an old chestnut in response, but “one of these things is not like the other”.

The two projects are an apples and oranges comparison: Drama Club is a completely different band that produces completely different music. Drama Club is EDM/electronic, while Dope is of course metal/hard rock. If you’re looking for some of their music to check out, I have a few song recommendations for you! Try Rockit, Maniac and in keeping with the Flashback, They Don’t Need to Understand. That song was originally done by Andy Biersack (as Andy Black), and he’s also in today’s interview feature.

Looking for more of Drama Club? Of course you are. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And of course – sub to them on Youtube with notifications turned on.

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Oct 29, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Misery, baby…


For your Flashback Sunday this week, we’ve gone against the grain a bit. We usually point you to an interview but today, we’re taking a look at the video for Misery off Dope’s latest release Blood Money Part Zer0.

Misery was directed by Edsel Dope and longtime collaborator Matt Zane. Like Lovesong, Misery also showcases the talents of Drama Club, which always add an innovative twist to any track. As with any production between the powerhouse duo of Edsel and Matt Zane, this video is nothing but quality from start to finish. The artistry still brings the boys to the yard, or in this case… would it be the sideshow to the circus? Which leads us to the next question: who are the mysterious circus performers featured in the video?

Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow are an entertainment troupe based out of Dallas, Texas. Led by creator and mastermind Bryce “The Govna” Graves, Hellzapoppin takes the traditional idea of the circus sideshow and turns it on its head. Described as a rock n roll circus sideshow, Hellzapoppin features incredible stunt performers like the fiery Willow Lauren, illusionist Dan Sperry, and the thrilling Andrew S. You can check out Hellzapoppin’s fantastic performance right here in the Misery video – and if you like what you see, why not catch them on tour? They have dates all throughout the rest of 2023, and from what I’ve checked out it’s a hell of a show.

Once you’re done watching the video for Misery, be sure to give it a thumbs up on Youtube and if you haven’t already, subscribe to @dopetheband. You can also check out EDF Photo’s 71 screencaps of the Misery video!

Oct 18, 2023

HUGE Gallery Update!

EDF Photo has been updated in a big way – we’re now over 1000 photos strong and are proud to be your largest resource for media relating to Edsel Dope!

Let’s look at the galleries that were part of this massive update:

Music Video Screencaps

Interviews (All video sources are linked in the individual album’s description!)

Other Media Appearances

Band and Solo Gallery

Here at, we are committed to bringing you the very best. As such, we only use our platform to publicize media and news that comes from official or first hand sources (either Dope’s official website and social media or interviews conducted with Edsel himself). That’s my promise to you: I will only ever bring you the highest quality and most accurate media I can.

There’s more updates to come – even with this mega update, there’s still more in the pipeline!

Oct 14, 2023

LoveSong – Video Out Now (And gifts for you!)


We’re still celebrating the hell out of “LoveSong” here on, and what better way to do that than new Edsel graphics? I did have a notion for this to be part of the new site layout, but the design went in a different direction than I expected. My loss is your gain in this instance, because now it’s available for your use! If you’re using it as a wallpaper, it looks best if you center it due to it being on the smaller side. (It wasn’t meant to be a wallpaper after all, but looks great in that capacity!) Click the image to view it full size.

I’ve also created two gifs from the video. As always with my work – credit is appreciated, but not necessary. Just do not repost claiming that you made them.

If you haven’t seen the LoveSong video yet, why not check it out now? Directed by Edsel and longtime collaborator Matt Zane, LoveSong breathes new life into the classic song by The Cure. It is an aesthetic delight, pulling you into a story that is deep and evocative.

LoveSong features the talents of Drama Club, Edsel’s other musical project. It’s a bit hard to describe Drama Club to those that have never heard them, other than issuing a warning that you won’t be able to sit still with all that energy coming your way. (I’m listening to them right now actually, and have to stop typing every so often to headbang.) Curious? Allow EDF to recommend a few selections for your listening pleasure: My Life, Halloween 365 (Never Coming Down), and Maniac. You can also like and sub to Drama Club’s YT if you fancy: @dramaclubtv1 .