Jan 31, 2024

Dope Music Video Galleries Update!

Dope music video galleries have been updated on EDF Photo! As excitement mounts for the second leg of the Machine Killer Tour, I’ve got a whole lot of Edsel to tide you over until the big day. (It resumes tomorrow! Have you got your tickets yet?) Let’s get right into it.

dope addiction music video


27 screencaps from the “Addiction” video have been added to EDF Photo. Released with the album No Regrets, Addiction features Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society/Ozzy Osbourne fame. It also features the famous Serenity prayer! You know, the one people in recovery recite as a grounding exercise? That being said, if being addicted to Edsel is wrong, I don’t really want to know what right is. (We’re edseldopefan.org, of course we enable our Edsel addiction! And yours too.)


37 screencaps from the “Burn” video have also been added! Featured on the album Group Therapy, there was actually a video for every song on the enhanced portion of this record. That’s pretty impressive in my opinion, particularly for back then. We see visual albums pop up from time to time in recent years, but Dope was doing this way back in 2003. I see Burn as an intensely cathartic song, and it will always occupy real estate in my heart for that. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, either.

I’ve been doing a bit of re-arranging in EDF Photo, so please excuse our mess! I hope to get caps of every Dope music video that’s been released in due time. EDF Photo is already the largest Edsel Dope photo gallery on the net – and we’re just getting started.