Jan 7, 2024

EDF.org Merch Roundup: January 2024

I’ve got that shopper’s eye again, so it’s time for another EDF.org Merch Roundup! If you’re unfamiliar with the Merch Roundup, it’s quite simple: I choose my picks for the best of Dope’s merch store. We’re looking at the Machine Killer Tour’s 2nd leg on the horizon, so now’s a great time to get merch to prepare!

As always, a disclaimer: no one is paying me for my opinions! I don’t get a commission if you buy any of this. These are just items I like and want to highlight on EDF.org.

dope shirt

2022 Logo Shirt

You know, there’s something to be said about the classics. You’ve got that iconic Dope logo… what else do you really need? And as someone who has a few shirts from this merch store, I gotta say… they’re some of the most comfy shirts I own. So you’ll be classic AND comfortable.

Flag Shirt

Another iconic Dope logo: the flag logo. I’d really be hard pressed to name something more quintessentially Dope than this.

Believe Mug

One of these days, I’ll do a Merch Roundup that doesn’t have a mug. Today’s not that day. You can always use another mug in your collection. I picked this one because I’ve always found that fiery zero logo quite cool. Plus you’ll be repping quite an awesome song.

Dope Null Shirt

Yes indeed there is a shirt with only the Dope Null logo. However, this is merch from the Rise of the Machine tour AND it’s on sale as of this writing. The addition of the text logo is a nice touch.

And that wraps up the January Merch Roundup! Hopefully my picks inspired you to grab something interesting from the merch store. Click here for past Merch Roundups!