Jan 23, 2024

Dope VIP Video

Dope VIP experience packages are still available for the upcoming second leg of the Machine Killer Tour! Dope’s official Facebook page has posted a cool little thirty second video telling you all about what happens during the bus meet and greet. (Though I do have to put a teeny disclaimer here: you get the microphone they mention with a separate meet and greet package. That does not come with the bus meet and greet.)

dope vip img


Long term visitors of the site know I’ve hyped this up ever I was at the meet and greet in Atlanta. However, it occurred to me I’ve not really opened up about my experience. Not just my experience, but what it meant to me. I’ve shared a periphery view, yes. Though… as the admin of an Edsel Dope fansite, you’d think I’d talk more about my own personal experience in depth. I’ve had folks on social media ask for more on that front. Alright. Today I’ll share a bit about what meeting Edsel in particular meant to me.

My Dope VIP Experience

There’s an old saying: never meet your idols. They can never live up to what you make them out to be. Often, that’s true. We tend to forget the people we idolize are just that: people. They do extraordinary things and live lives so different from ours, yes. But at the end of the day… they’re just a person.

In my case, I actually met my idol. And … I walked away from that meeting an even bigger fan of his. Edsel is very warm and generous, he’s very kind and willing to answer questions. I was really nervous upon meeting him (I actually screamed!), but he took the time to make sure I was alright. (I was, once I got over my shock) Very sweet, very humble dude. In my opinion, he was pretty much the person he is in interviews. No nonsense, no front. He’s the real deal.

I mean, realistically, I met a rock icon. How wild is that? And the fact that he IS normal, and he IS real and authentic? That was the best part of all. It meant the world to me to meet him and tell him how much he’s inspired me. How often do you get to tell your idol such a thing?

The Bottom Line

You might think my point of view is biased. And fair enough – I run a fansite on this guy. I’m predisposed to liking him. But I’ve also told you all I would never lie to you. I wouldn’t stand by an opinion I don’t really believe. And for me, the VIP experience was well worth it. Bucket list worthy for sure! Truthfully, I could write a novel on reasons why you should go and it wouldn’t really matter. In the end, it’s up to you. It’s your money and you have a right to think it over to decide if this is really worth it. And if hearing about how awesome I thought this all was helps you make a decision, I’m glad! If you have any other questions, you’re always welcome to contact me.