Who is Edsel Dope?

Edsel Dope is an American musician, producer, director, and media entrepreneur perhaps best known as the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the metal band Dope. With Dope he has released seven studio albums and has toured extensively all over the world promoting their music. Edsel is also part of the band Drama Club, an EDM duo with long term collaborator Andromeda. Since 2016, he has served as the creative director and producer for metal legends Static-X, and has directed many of their music videos.dope edsel Along with his contributions to the music world, he is also COO and owner of Ecco Studios (A 3D/4D capture stage that has worked with industry giants like Industrial Light and Magic and EA). If you’d like to learn more about Ecco Studios and what they do, check out this video produced by the company. Want more Edsel? Of course you do. One Fix is never enough, after all. Check out the below!

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Ecco Studios
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