Aug 13, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Dope on Tour

After some thought, I’ve decided your Flashback Sunday will not be such a far flung blast from the past. Instead, I would like to highlight the upcoming Machine Killer tour – Dope is supporting Static-X and Sevendust on what promises to be a killer North American tour. I’ll see myself out.

The Machine Killer tour is getting closer and closer, and I think that’s reason to celebrate this Sunday. So we’re talking all about the tour and how you can get tickets! (By the way – I’ll be at the Atlanta stop!! You better believe I’m excited!)

Various members of Static-X were quoted saying that they’re bringing new production elements, giving fans something to look forward to from the headliners. From what I’ve seen of their shows on the Rise of the Machine tour… I have to say they were already spectacular, so colour me hyped.

No news as of yet on what we can expect from Dope, but really… when do they NOT bring the house down? As any long term fan can attest, there’s no energy quite like Dope when they take the stage. Guys, these are shows you won’t want to miss. So the only thing left? Buying your tickets!

Tickets are still available, but they’re sure to sell out fast if the Rise of the Machine tour is anything to go by. Score some at Dope’s official site while you still can.

We’re flashing back to Dope’s first short on Youtube promoting the Machine Killer tour. Personally, I’d love for them to post more of these!