Sep 4, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Dope on Tour!

For your Flashback Sunday, we’re still celebrating the upcoming Machine Killer tour! Today’s blast from the past is not -too- distant, as we look back to the Rise of the Machine tour. We got some killer performances on this tour, along with some amazing photos. Here’s one of my favourites from Dope’s official Facebook:

This is credit to Jesse Edgar Photography (per Dope’s Facebook). Please visit their website to support them!

I have to say, the photographers covering Dope lately have been on point. Insane amount of talent on display. It is always such a delight when we’re treated to new photos of the band, especially ones that are of this high quality.

If you aren’t following Dope on Facebook, why not do so today? And for those who haven’t gotten their tickets for the Machine Killer tour yet, click here to find out more! Judging by how wildly successful the Rise of the Machine tour was, this one’s going to sell out fast. I know I’ve got my tickets – I’ll be at the Atlanta show! If you can’t make it, don’t worry – I’m taking you with me! I’m coming back with photos and videos, so stay tuned.