Apr 8, 2024

Stay Connected: Follow Edsel on Social Media

Are you on social media? Edsel is, too! Why not give him a follow? You can stay connected to him and be in the know about his future projects by following him across these platforms. Below are the ways you can connect with Edsel on social media – and also where you can stream his music!

Youtube: @dopetheband (Dope) / @dramaclubtv1 (Drama Club)

  • An awesome way to support Edsel’s music is to sub on Youtube. When you sub, be sure to hit the notification bell and select “All” on your notification preferences. That way you’ll never miss a video! I’ve shown how to do that below. Just hit the button that says “Subscribed” and you’ll be greeted with this drop down menu. Select “All”, and you’ll secure your notification whenever either band uploads to their channel!
    edsel on social media

Instagram: @dopetheband (Dope) / @dramaclubmusic (Drama Club)

Facebook: @dopetheband / @dramaclubmusic (Drama Club)

X: @dopetheband / @dramaclubmusic1 (Drama Club)

Edsel on Social Media: Listen to Edsel’s Music

Additionally, you can also stream Edsel’s music across many different platforms. I do encourage you to buy physical copies of his music if you can, though – you get a lot with it! There’s a lot of cool merch bundles in the Dope shop: they contain not only physical copies of Dope’s music, but stuff like hoodies, guitar picks, that sort of thing. Or if you’d just prefer the album or CD, they have that as well! Definitely worth checking out, if you have a chance.

Dope: Dope’s actually made it super easy to stream their entire catalogue by providing you with this link here. Just choose your preferred music streaming platform and you’re set! They’re on just about every platform, so you have a ton of choice.

Drama Club: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music

I hope these links were useful! Do you plan to follow Edsel on social media?