Oct 14, 2023

LoveSong – Video Out Now (And gifts for you!)


We’re still celebrating the hell out of “LoveSong” here on EDF.org, and what better way to do that than new Edsel graphics? I did have a notion for this to be part of the new site layout, but the design went in a different direction than I expected. My loss is your gain in this instance, because now it’s available for your use! If you’re using it as a wallpaper, it looks best if you center it due to it being on the smaller side. (It wasn’t meant to be a wallpaper after all, but looks great in that capacity!) Click the image to view it full size.

I’ve also created two gifs from the video. As always with my work – credit is appreciated, but not necessary. Just do not repost claiming that you made them.

If you haven’t seen the LoveSong video yet, why not check it out now? Directed by Edsel and longtime collaborator Matt Zane, LoveSong breathes new life into the classic song by The Cure. It is an aesthetic delight, pulling you into a story that is deep and evocative.

LoveSong features the talents of Drama Club, Edsel’s other musical project. It’s a bit hard to describe Drama Club to those that have never heard them, other than issuing a warning that you won’t be able to sit still with all that energy coming your way. (I’m listening to them right now actually, and have to stop typing every so often to headbang.) Curious? Allow EDF to recommend a few selections for your listening pleasure: My Life, Halloween 365 (Never Coming Down), and Maniac. You can also like and sub to Drama Club’s YT if you fancy: @dramaclubtv1 .