Mar 13, 2024

Edsel’s birthday month needs celebrations with Drama (Club)!

edseldopefan.org is continuing our celebrations of Edsel’s birthday month all throughout March! And what better way to celebrate our idol with some Drama… Club! That’s the only kind of drama I want around here, personally.

Today’s update sees not one, not three, but FIVE galleries added to the Interview Directory! These are the first galleries for Drama Club interviews, and I’m very excited for you to see them. While you’re there, I encourage you to check out each interview – I have them linked here and also in the Directory. Please support these content creators – I hadn’t heard of some of them before, and ended up really enjoying them!

edsel's birthday

What’s part of this massive update? Let’s go over what you’ll find in EDF Photo:

Gallery Updates:

  • 2014 Interview with Clubhead.tv: 30 images from a 2014 interview with Clubhead TV added. Of note are the guys talking about living in a fantasy land which is basically how I live every day. They also speak about the general DJ culture and how they value the performance aspect of what it is they do. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Austin Underground Interview: 24 images from a 2015 interview with Austin Underground added. This interview was done during the Vans Warped tour! It’s very enjoyable to hear them talk about their songwriting process, because you really do feel their sincerity. No rules, just feeling, and you know what? I vibe with that hard. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Jackie Cular Interview: 27 images from a 2015 interview with Jackie Cular added. I ended up really liking this content creator, she seems very natural and laid back. Makes for a very enjoyable interviewer when you have an engaging personality like that. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Dark City Interviews: 49 images from a 2015 interview with Dark City Interviews added. Speaking of engaging personalities, this one starts with Edsel showing his off. I love how they both sound so thankful and grateful for everything they experience, it’s so refreshing. No surly bad energy here. We love to see it. Watch the interview: here.
  • 2015 Alternative Press Interview: 29 images from a 2015 interview with Alternative Press added. Long time visitors to the site are familiar with this interview – it’s got Andy Black (aka Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides). He makes an offhand remark about them being born with those faces and I hate admitting I laughed about that for about five minutes. Watch the interview: here.

But Wait! There’s More!

At nearly 2000 pictures and counting, EDF Photo is the largest and most continuously updated gallery dedicated to the amazing Edsel Dope. I really hope you enjoy this massive update, and the interviews that accompany it! We’re celebrating Edsel’s birthday all March long, and you better believe we’re doing it in a big way. Don’t miss out!