Month: December 2023

Dec 29, 2023

Mixed Update: Whole Lotta Edsel

Hope the holidays were good for everyone. I’m back with another Edsel filled mixed update. Let’s get right into it!

Gallery Update: Dope – “Dead World”

  • EDF Photo has been updated with screen captures from Dope’s video “Dead World“. Since this IS just a teaser, sadly I don’t have too much to tell you about this video. I have my own theories about what this video is calling back to, but since those are just theories I will keep them to myself. Who knows, maybe we’ll be treated to the full video sometime soon!
  • If you’ve not seen this video, click here to watch it on Dope’s official Youtube channel.

Gallery Update: Dope – “Best of Me”

  • We’ve also updated our gallery to include caps from “Best of Me“. This video features MMA fighter Juliana “Killer” Miller. She was also on a show called “The Ultimate Fighter 30“, which she won! That win netted her a UFC contract, so hey! Good on her. We love to see it. It’s also worth mentioning this is the second of the videos in this update where we see Acey Slade, since he also appears in Dead World.
  • If you’d like to watch the video, click here and watch it right on Dope’s official Youtube channel. And yes, I know I keep harping on this, but sub if you aren’t already. You’re there anyway, might as well. I know some of you out there are watching and not subbing – it really does help when you subscribe!
  • Plus, you don’t wanna miss out when Dope uploads a video, right? Yes, I’ll be here yapping about everything Edsel does and you can find it out from me, but I need to sleep sometimes too. Sub and hit the notification bell so you never miss an upload.

Graphics: Wallpaper and GIFs added

  • One new wallpaper has been added to the Wallpaper section. It’s quite simple, but Edsel doesn’t need fancy ornaments. He shines on his own. Click the image for the full size, or to see this and more of my work, click here.
edsel wall
  • Four gifs from the Dead World video have been added.

That’s it for this mixed bag of updates! We’re coming into the new year soon, and I’m looking forward to being here to bring Edsel’s fans nothing but the very best. I hope to see you right here with me.

Dec 24, 2023

Happy Holidays from!

Just a quick note to wish everyone happy holidays! This has been a great year for us (and for Edsel!), and I have a feeling 2024 will be amazing. Here’s hoping you’re right here with us.

However you celebrate and whatever you celebrate, hope it’s a good one. Even if it’s celebrating another day, that sounds like a holiday to me! Take care everybody, and we’ll jump right back into things after Christmas.

Dec 18, 2023

Edsel Interview Directory Launches!

edsel interview directory

I’ve done a revamp of the Edsel interview section on EDF Photo: it is now the Interview Directory! The Directory is simply a curated collection of Edsel Dope interviews all in one place. In the Directory, not only can you browse our screencap collection, you can go right to each interview by following the link in each album. It will take you right to the original source! As I’ve said before, I want to be your ultimate resource for the support and appreciation of Edsel Dope. Now, it’s never been easier to get your Edsel fix!

Curious about the update? Here’s the complete list of what’s been added to EDF Photo.

Gallery Additions:

Please support the content creators in the Directory by watching their videos with the links to the interview provided in each album! All credit is to them, I simply screencapped the interviews and gathered them in one place. Looking at the screencaps isn’t a substitute for seeing the real deal, so please do check out the interviews when you can. Edsel is always an engaging and entertaining person, and these interviews show that and then some!

You will also be able to access the Interview Directory via Edsel’s biography page. I’m in the process of overhauling a lot of pages on the site and that one’s on my list.

It’s always my hope that you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy running it for you. If you ever want to reach out, please feel free to do so here. While I do have social media accounts for, I prefer people follow Edsel on socials and not me. So I don’t really publicize EDF’s socials a lot. But you’re always free to contact me there too: I’m edseldopefanorg on Tiktok and Instagram.

Dec 15, 2023

Machine Killer Tour 2nd Leg Starts Feb. 1st!

Machine Killer Tour

The second leg of the highly successful Machine Killer North American Tour starts February 1st in Myrtle Beach, SC! Dope joins Static-X and Sevendust on this explosive jaunt across the United States! This is a second shot to see certified rock and metal legends if you’ve not already. Guys, I was at the Atlanta stop and I can attest: this show is WELL worth your time! I had an absolute blast!

VIP packages are still available! I also took part in the VIP Bus Hang add on – if you can swing it, this is an incredible experience. I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Edsel during, and found him to be very sweet and gracious. If you’d like to read my thoughts about the Machine Killer Tour stop in Atlanta, I wrote it up awhile back here on

I could make a slick video or write any number of flowery words to try to convince you to get tix to this show, but talent always speaks for itself. Check out this video I took in Atlanta! Yes, it’s off our Tiktok… don’t you dare judge me.


I dont need a fancy ass video to convince you to go see the Machine Killer Tour when it rolls into your town. I COULD make one, but why?? This electrifying performance speaks for itself. I was at the Atlanta stop and it was incredible! Interested? Check for info and how to purchase! #dope #dopetheband #edseldope #dopearmy #dopeband #music #bloodmoneypartzero #metal #machinekillertour #thetabernacle

♬ original sound –

Looking for tickets? Check out Dope’s official site right here, and for VIP packages, click here.

Dec 14, 2023

New Layout!

I’ll be back with a proper update a bit later, but just wanted to call attention to our new layout! I’ll also be slightly revamping a few pages again. Nothing drastic, just to make them more in line with the style vision I have with this layout.

Thanks for you patience while I work on the site! I really do appreciate you more than you know. I’m genuinely blown away whenever I speak to Edsel’s amazing fans! You guys are the best, thank you so much for your continued support.

Dec 11, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Dope – Bus Invaders

For your Flashback Sunday today, I’ve got a fun one for you. Ever wondered what the inside of a tour bus is like? Of course you have. Did you know there’s a Youtube channel where you can have a peek inside of one?

Digital Tour Bus takes you inside the roving residences of your favourite musicians, and Dope was featured on their platform in 2017! Dope – Bus Invaders takes you inside Dope’s tour bus to see what life on the road is like for the legendary rockers. If you’re not familiar with Digital Tour Bus, it’s a bit like what MTV Cribs was, but for tour buses. Same basic concept – famous person shows you around and you ooh and ahh. So if you liked MTV Cribs, you’ll probably like Digital Tour Bus.

This video has a few notable things about it, for one… our guy himself is giving the tour! He’s very engaging and funny, as always. Additionally, Acey Slade also makes an appearance in the video! I won’t give away too much, but it’s an entertaining watch for sure. Dope also did these videos on the channel: Dope – Tour Tips and Dope – Tour Pranks.

If these videos interested you, why not check out the rest of Digital Tour Bus’s offerings on their Youtube channel? I admit, I’ve watched quite a lot of their stuff! It’s actually really interesting to see what essentials people bring with them as they crisscross the country.

Looking for more Flashback Sunday articles? Click here!

Dec 4, 2023

Dope Shop Holiday 2023

I happened to be poking around the Dope website when I noticed a section called Holiday 2023. Of note: you can buy gift cards for the picky people on your list that would rather do their own shopping in Dope’s merch store. They come in denominations up to 200 USD, and honestly guys? I’d look into this if you’re buying for a Dope fan in your life and don’t quite know what to get them. Maybe they can look through my past Merch Roundups and get some ideas while they browse!

Also within the Holiday 2023 section are the various bundles Dope Shop offers. With price points from 99 USD to 124.99 USD, I really think this is an awesome deal for what you get with it. And you get a lot with it! This might actually be a metric fuck-ton of merch. The bundle could also easily be split into multiple gifts, if you wanted. Plus uh… you’ve been good this year, right? Even if you haven’t, keep some of the merch for yourself! Tis the season, after all.

I’ll be keeping my eye on the merch store, I’ve got a feeling we might see some new drops on the horizon. There’s also quite a few things in the Sale section that may or may not be going in my cart. (This one in particular – that shirt is rad.)

Dec 4, 2023

Small Updates

Layout Change

  • I changed the layout slightly, I was getting slightly bored of all that blue. I’m quite happy with it, and I hope you are as well.

Page Updates/Refreshes

  • I’ve continued updating and refreshing many pages on the site. Edsel’s biography has gotten a new look, as have many pages in the Website section.

Link Buttons

  • It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally make link buttons! If you’d like to link, you can find them here.