Dec 4, 2023

Dope Shop Holiday 2023

I happened to be poking around the Dope website when I noticed a section called Holiday 2023. Of note: you can buy gift cards for the picky people on your list that would rather do their own shopping in Dope’s merch store. They come in denominations up to 200 USD, and honestly guys? I’d look into this if you’re buying for a Dope fan in your life and don’t quite know what to get them. Maybe they can look through my past Merch Roundups and get some ideas while they browse!

Also within the Holiday 2023 section are the various bundles Dope Shop offers. With price points from 99 USD to 124.99 USD, I really think this is an awesome deal for what you get with it. And you get a lot with it! This might actually be a metric fuck-ton of merch. The bundle could also easily be split into multiple gifts, if you wanted. Plus uh… you’ve been good this year, right? Even if you haven’t, keep some of the merch for yourself! Tis the season, after all.

I’ll be keeping my eye on the merch store, I’ve got a feeling we might see some new drops on the horizon. There’s also quite a few things in the Sale section that may or may not be going in my cart. (This one in particular – that shirt is rad.)