Dec 18, 2023

Edsel Interview Directory Launches!

edsel interview directory

I’ve done a revamp of the Edsel interview section on EDF Photo: it is now the Interview Directory! The Directory is simply a curated collection of Edsel Dope interviews all in one place. In the Directory, not only can you browse our screencap collection, you can go right to each interview by following the link in each album. It will take you right to the original source! As I’ve said before, I want EDF.org to be your ultimate resource for the support and appreciation of Edsel Dope. Now, it’s never been easier to get your Edsel fix!

Curious about the update? Here’s the complete list of what’s been added to EDF Photo.

Gallery Additions:

Please support the content creators in the Directory by watching their videos with the links to the interview provided in each album! All credit is to them, I simply screencapped the interviews and gathered them in one place. Looking at the screencaps isn’t a substitute for seeing the real deal, so please do check out the interviews when you can. Edsel is always an engaging and entertaining person, and these interviews show that and then some!

You will also be able to access the Interview Directory via Edsel’s biography page. I’m in the process of overhauling a lot of pages on the site and that one’s on my list.

It’s always my hope that you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy running it for you. If you ever want to reach out, please feel free to do so here. While I do have social media accounts for EDF.org, I prefer people follow Edsel on socials and not me. So I don’t really publicize EDF’s socials a lot. But you’re always free to contact me there too: I’m edseldopefanorg on Tiktok and Instagram.