Mar 18, 2024

The Music of Edsel Dope (Edsel Wins Part 2)

Welcome back to our series Edsel Wins! We’re posting support and positivity for Edsel every day until his birthday! It’s my hope with this series, long term admirers and new ones too will celebrate all the reasons why it’s pretty damn awesome to be an Edsel fan. Today’s win focuses on what an incredibly talented musician he is. This is: the music of Edsel Dope.

Many fans of Dope note that their music is very underrated by the musical mainstream. Or, conversely, that they are pegged into one small box and that’s where they have remained. So let’s explore that idea today. Are you ready? I am too, so let’s jump right in!

the music of edsel dope

A Diverse Talent

Sometimes when I mention Edsel, people say something along the lines of “Oh, isn’t he the Die MF Die guy?”. Yes, that would be him, and don’t get me wrong! I like that song, it’s awesome. But it is barely scratching the surface of an intriguing catalogue of music.

With the release of Group Therapy in 2003, Dope fans saw the tracks “Sing” and “Easier” show a more vulnerable and melodic side to the band. Though this was called a departure, I tend to think of it as just another side of a complex artist. Art isn’t linear: there’s always room to explore, evolve and show different sides of yourself. That’s what makes music interesting! Think of how boring music would be if everyone stayed in one narrow lane. Never deviating, never trying new things. How depressing.

Subsequent albums have also run a gamut in terms of tone and style, most notably with Blood Money Part Zer0. From the uncompromising and relentless No Respect, to the EDM tinged Dead World and Lovesong, to the brutal ferocity of Wide, it’s a record that shows how diverse Edsel’s talent really is. It does seem like he can do whatever style he puts his mind to, and show different sides of himself while still remaining authentic to his vision.

Edsel has never been hesitant to take his music in directions people wouldn’t expect. Not only are Dope’s musical releases proof of this, but Drama Club’s as well. Quite simply: Edsel plays the music he loves, and doesn’t worry about unnecessary stuff like labels or fitting into one specific style.

Let it be said, I am no professional reviewer. I’m simply a fan that appreciates when artists I love try new things. Edsel has been a massive inspiration to me creatively, as has his fearless approach to doing what he loves.

Edsel Wins Day Two: Done!

The music of Edsel Dope reflects an artist unafraid to experiment with his sound. And we vibe with that big time here at edseldopefan.org. Stay right with us as we count down Edsel Wins in the leadup to his birthday on the 21st!