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Mar 20, 2024

Edsel Dope Live! (Edsel Wins #4)

Welcome back to Edsel Wins! This is the series I’ve been using to celebrate everything awesome about Edsel Dope in the leadup to his birthday! Since the big day is tomorrow, this is the last in the series. We really don’t need any excuse to celebrate what’s awesome about Edsel. We’re, of course we’re gonna do the most to shore up fan support. But hey, it’s Edsel’s birthday. That’s a good reason to celebrate a bit harder, don’t you agree? Today’s topic is one I think fans are all in agreement with: Edsel is an incredible live performer. I love listening to Dope’s albums, but seeing Edsel Dope live and in person was definitely a bucket list wish for sure. He is amazing! Let’s break it down for you in our Edsel Wins finale.

edsel dope live

The Ultimate Rock Star

In my last Edsel Wins, I noted that I think Edsel is the ultimate rock star. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day, but I’ve never seen anyone work the room the way this dude does. Every eye, and everyone’s attention, is on him. Now, you could say “So what, Cristina? A lot of rockers are capable of holding an audience’s attention. That’s not unique to Edsel.” And to a point, you’d be correct. There are indeed a lot of rockers who have the ability to hold people’s attention. Kind of hard to make a career in music if people don’t want to watch you! But I used that phrasing deliberately to tell you this:

There is a difference between being watchable, and being charismatic.
There is a difference between a rocker, and a rock star.

A watchable performer gets your attention because they are occupying a space on a stage. You watch them because they are there. A charismatic performer commands your attention because nothing else in the room is as compelling as they are. As I said, there’s a difference between a rocker and a rock star. There are plenty of watchable rockers, but not too many charismatic rock stars. That’s something you can’t teach, either. You either have “it”, or you don’t. And Edsel has it – that star quality, that “there he is!” sort of allure. There’s plenty of concerts I’ve seen where Edsel puts his skill at working the entire room on full display: one performance stands out to me which I’ll link here.

Dope – Live in Saint Petersburg 2014 (@HighDecibels) Highly recommend this creator – tons of awesome concerts on their channel!

Edsel Dope live is pretty glorious. When you stop and take a look at this performance, you see someone confident, who knows what he’s doing. Who not only entertains, but takes us with him. And we in turn don’t want to take our eyes off him, because nothing else in the room could possibly compare!

Edsel Wins Day Four: Done! That’s a wrap!

This might be our last day for Edsel Wins, but tomorrow is Edsel’s birthday! And you better believe we’re marking this occasion on EDF. We’re here to support and celebrate Edsel all year long, but especially now. Looking forward to seeing you here too!

Mar 19, 2024

Edsel Dope, Style Icon? Hell yes. (Edsel Wins Part 3)

Hello hello, and welcome back to our series Edsel Wins as we celebrate our icon’s birthday month! Edsel Wins is a series where we share all the reasons why Edsel Dope is amazing! You might look at this title and think I’ve gone nuts. Edsel Dope, Style Icon? We all know Edsel as rock royalty, but today I contend that he is indeed a true style icon. No, his style might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear his name, but hear me out!

I’ve always said Edsel is the ultimate rock star. You literally could not make someone better than this dude if you tried.  He has the talent, the charisma, and of course, the right look! But… is he a style icon? I think so. What does it actually mean to have iconic style, though? The style app Indyx says the following:

A fashion icon is someone whose style is unique, can be easily recognized, and makes an impact. People with iconic style are so distinctly recognizable that when you see items that they would wear, you think of them.

I bet when you think of Edsel, a certain look comes to mind. Just as you wouldn’t mistake his voice for someone else, his style is also uniquely his. At its heart, its very simple. I’ve always been a fan of having tried and true staple pieces in my wardrobe, and it seems Edsel follows this formula as well! He tends to stick to certain things: black shirts (with or without details or branding), black trousers, minimal accessories. But they are distinctive pieces that are worn in such a way, you automatically associate them with him. From his appearance in Blood Money wearing that black suit, to the dayglo brilliance of Maniac, to Misery’s sleek too cool for you vibes, Edsel has definitely worn his fair share of memorable looks!

That being said, there’s so much that encompasses iconic style. Style is more than what you wear, it’s how you wear it. You could be wearing head to toe Chanel, but if you don’t have the confidence and attitude to pull it off and make it your own, you aren’t wearing the clothes. The clothes are wearing you. It’s not just about having the right look – you need to make an impression! And if there’s one thing you can say about Edsel, he is truly an original. He is utterly unforgettable.

Sounds like a style icon to me!

edsel dope style

Edsel Wins Day 3: Done!

As an Edsel fansite, we love talking about all the aspects that make Edsel fantastic! Seriously, if you don’t love this guy by now, I don’t know what to tell you. Actually, that’s not true. I do know what to tell you. Stick with us, as we celebrate Edsel’s birthday month all March long! And tomorrow, we share our last Edsel win before his big day!


Mar 18, 2024

The Music of Edsel Dope (Edsel Wins Part 2)

Welcome back to our series Edsel Wins! We’re posting support and positivity for Edsel every day until his birthday! It’s my hope with this series, long term admirers and new ones too will celebrate all the reasons why it’s pretty damn awesome to be an Edsel fan. Today’s win focuses on what an incredibly talented musician he is. This is: the music of Edsel Dope.

Many fans of Dope note that their music is very underrated by the musical mainstream. Or, conversely, that they are pegged into one small box and that’s where they have remained. So let’s explore that idea today. Are you ready? I am too, so let’s jump right in!

the music of edsel dope

A Diverse Talent

Sometimes when I mention Edsel, people say something along the lines of “Oh, isn’t he the Die MF Die guy?”. Yes, that would be him, and don’t get me wrong! I like that song, it’s awesome. But it is barely scratching the surface of an intriguing catalogue of music.

With the release of Group Therapy in 2003, Dope fans saw the tracks “Sing” and “Easier” show a more vulnerable and melodic side to the band. Though this was called a departure, I tend to think of it as just another side of a complex artist. Art isn’t linear: there’s always room to explore, evolve and show different sides of yourself. That’s what makes music interesting! Think of how boring music would be if everyone stayed in one narrow lane. Never deviating, never trying new things. How depressing.

Subsequent albums have also run a gamut in terms of tone and style, most notably with Blood Money Part Zer0. From the uncompromising and relentless No Respect, to the EDM tinged Dead World and Lovesong, to the brutal ferocity of Wide, it’s a record that shows how diverse Edsel’s talent really is. It does seem like he can do whatever style he puts his mind to, and show different sides of himself while still remaining authentic to his vision.

Edsel has never been hesitant to take his music in directions people wouldn’t expect. Not only are Dope’s musical releases proof of this, but Drama Club’s as well. Quite simply: Edsel plays the music he loves, and doesn’t worry about unnecessary stuff like labels or fitting into one specific style.

Let it be said, I am no professional reviewer. I’m simply a fan that appreciates when artists I love try new things. Edsel has been a massive inspiration to me creatively, as has his fearless approach to doing what he loves.

Edsel Wins Day Two: Done!

The music of Edsel Dope reflects an artist unafraid to experiment with his sound. And we vibe with that big time here at Stay right with us as we count down Edsel Wins in the leadup to his birthday on the 21st!

Mar 17, 2024

Edsel Wins Part One: Our Versatile King!

In our continuing celebration of Edsel’s birthday month, I will be doing a short series every day until the 21st called Edsel Wins! Edsel Wins will celebrate everything we love about the amazing Edsel Dope every day until his birthday! You know we adore our versatile king here, but do you realize just how multi talented he actually is? As if being a rock icon isn’t enough, there are so many facets to his legendary career!

edsel wins

An Impressive Resume:

  • Music Legend: Without a doubt, Edsel is best known for being the vocalist for the band Dope. With Dope, he has created seven studio albums and this alone would be enough to cement his place in music history. But he hasn’t stopped there. With Drama Club, he pivoted in an entirely different direction and conquered the EDM world. His music has been everywhere from the WWE, to original compositions for sports programs to appearing on movies and TV. You might have heard his work and not even realized it!
  • Director: Music legend not enough for you? How about the fact that he also directs? Edsel has directed many of Dope’s videos, creating a cinematic style and vision that is almost instantly recognizable. He has also directed videos for Static-X, bringing his talents (and that of Ecco Studios) to the forefront. Everything that Edsel directs has his undeniable polish and attention to detail, making his work absolutely stunning to behold.
  • Media Entrepreneur: All that, AND he’s owner of a media empire? Hell yeah! Edsel is COO and owner of Ecco Studios, a 3D/4D capture stage in Los Angeles. Their client list is a veritable who’s who of glittering names: industry superstars like Industrial Light and Magic, Epic Games (who developed Unreal Engine, by the way), Sony Interactive Entertainment and of course, EA. They’ve also worked with Skydance Media, an American film company known for one of my greatest cinematic Roman Empires, Annihilation. (So many questions and no answers to be found! Gah!) Anyway, I digress. Edsel has the sort of clientele in this business that would make basically any company green with envy. You don’t get that sort of pedigree without a lot of hard work and a LOT of talent.

Edsel Wins Day One: Done!

With that, we bring Day One of Edsel Wins to a close. I hope this has given you some insight into Edsel’s brilliant career and how incredibly diverse it is. Keep coming back every single day until the 21st for more Edsel Wins as we celebrate everything we love about Edsel!