Mar 19, 2024

Edsel Dope, Style Icon? Hell yes. (Edsel Wins Part 3)

Hello hello, and welcome back to our series Edsel Wins as we celebrate our icon’s birthday month! Edsel Wins is a series where we share all the reasons why Edsel Dope is amazing! You might look at this title and think I’ve gone nuts. Edsel Dope, Style Icon? We all know Edsel as rock royalty, but today I contend that he is indeed a true style icon. No, his style might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear his name, but hear me out!

I’ve always said Edsel is the ultimate rock star. You literally could not make someone better than this dude if you tried.  He has the talent, the charisma, and of course, the right look! But… is he a style icon? I think so. What does it actually mean to have iconic style, though? The style app Indyx says the following:

A fashion icon is someone whose style is unique, can be easily recognized, and makes an impact. People with iconic style are so distinctly recognizable that when you see items that they would wear, you think of them.

I bet when you think of Edsel, a certain look comes to mind. Just as you wouldn’t mistake his voice for someone else, his style is also uniquely his. At its heart, its very simple. I’ve always been a fan of having tried and true staple pieces in my wardrobe, and it seems Edsel follows this formula as well! He tends to stick to certain things: black shirts (with or without details or branding), black trousers, minimal accessories. But they are distinctive pieces that are worn in such a way, you automatically associate them with him. From his appearance in Blood Money wearing that black suit, to the dayglo brilliance of Maniac, to Misery’s sleek too cool for you vibes, Edsel has definitely worn his fair share of memorable looks!

That being said, there’s so much that encompasses iconic style. Style is more than what you wear, it’s how you wear it. You could be wearing head to toe Chanel, but if you don’t have the confidence and attitude to pull it off and make it your own, you aren’t wearing the clothes. The clothes are wearing you. It’s not just about having the right look – you need to make an impression! And if there’s one thing you can say about Edsel, he is truly an original. He is utterly unforgettable.

Sounds like a style icon to me!

edsel dope style

Edsel Wins Day 3: Done!

As an Edsel fansite, we love talking about all the aspects that make Edsel fantastic! Seriously, if you don’t love this guy by now, I don’t know what to tell you. Actually, that’s not true. I do know what to tell you. Stick with us, as we celebrate Edsel’s birthday month all March long! And tomorrow, we share our last Edsel win before his big day!