Mar 17, 2024

Edsel Wins Part One: Our Versatile King!

In our continuing celebration of Edsel’s birthday month, I will be doing a short series every day until the 21st called Edsel Wins! Edsel Wins will celebrate everything we love about the amazing Edsel Dope every day until his birthday! You know we adore our versatile king here, but do you realize just how multi talented he actually is? As if being a rock icon isn’t enough, there are so many facets to his legendary career!

edsel wins

An Impressive Resume:

  • Music Legend: Without a doubt, Edsel is best known for being the vocalist for the band Dope. With Dope, he has created seven studio albums and this alone would be enough to cement his place in music history. But he hasn’t stopped there. With Drama Club, he pivoted in an entirely different direction and conquered the EDM world. His music has been everywhere from the WWE, to original compositions for sports programs to appearing on movies and TV. You might have heard his work and not even realized it!
  • Director: Music legend not enough for you? How about the fact that he also directs? Edsel has directed many of Dope’s videos, creating a cinematic style and vision that is almost instantly recognizable. He has also directed videos for Static-X, bringing his talents (and that of Ecco Studios) to the forefront. Everything that Edsel directs has his undeniable polish and attention to detail, making his work absolutely stunning to behold.
  • Media Entrepreneur: All that, AND he’s owner of a media empire? Hell yeah! Edsel is COO and owner of Ecco Studios, a 3D/4D capture stage in Los Angeles. Their client list is a veritable who’s who of glittering names: industry superstars like Industrial Light and Magic, Epic Games (who developed Unreal Engine, by the way), Sony Interactive Entertainment and of course, EA. They’ve also worked with Skydance Media, an American film company known for one of my greatest cinematic Roman Empires, Annihilation. (So many questions and no answers to be found! Gah!) Anyway, I digress. Edsel has the sort of clientele in this business that would make basically any company green with envy. You don’t get that sort of pedigree without a lot of hard work and a LOT of talent.

Edsel Wins Day One: Done!

With that, we bring Day One of Edsel Wins to a close. I hope this has given you some insight into Edsel’s brilliant career and how incredibly diverse it is. Keep coming back every single day until the 21st for more Edsel Wins as we celebrate everything we love about Edsel!