Sep 20, 2023

More Dope tour news!

The highly anticipated Machine Killer tour begins tomorrow! On the eve of what promises to be a tour not to miss, we got news. Big news. The Machine Killer Tour is running through the end of February of next year! That’s right – if you haven’t gotten the chance to see Dope opening for the almighty Static-X and Sevendust, you’ve got another shot to get in on the action! We love to see it. You can find info about the extended dates right here on Dope’s official site.

If this wasn’t your sign to get tickets now, I don’t know what more to tell you. I know I’ve got mine!

Along with this incredible announcement, we were treated to a new tour poster that showcases the additional dates. You can see it below – click the poster for full size!

Dope’s official Facebook also posted a short publicizing the extended dates – click here to view it.