Mar 20, 2024

Edsel Dope Live! (Edsel Wins #4)

Welcome back to Edsel Wins! This is the series I’ve been using to celebrate everything awesome about Edsel Dope in the leadup to his birthday! Since the big day is tomorrow, this is the last in the series. We really don’t need any excuse to celebrate what’s awesome about Edsel. We’re edseldopefan.org, of course we’re gonna do the most to shore up fan support. But hey, it’s Edsel’s birthday. That’s a good reason to celebrate a bit harder, don’t you agree? Today’s topic is one I think fans are all in agreement with: Edsel is an incredible live performer. I love listening to Dope’s albums, but seeing Edsel Dope live and in person was definitely a bucket list wish for sure. He is amazing! Let’s break it down for you in our Edsel Wins finale.

edsel dope live

The Ultimate Rock Star

In my last Edsel Wins, I noted that I think Edsel is the ultimate rock star. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day, but I’ve never seen anyone work the room the way this dude does. Every eye, and everyone’s attention, is on him. Now, you could say “So what, Cristina? A lot of rockers are capable of holding an audience’s attention. That’s not unique to Edsel.” And to a point, you’d be correct. There are indeed a lot of rockers who have the ability to hold people’s attention. Kind of hard to make a career in music if people don’t want to watch you! But I used that phrasing deliberately to tell you this:

There is a difference between being watchable, and being charismatic.
There is a difference between a rocker, and a rock star.

A watchable performer gets your attention because they are occupying a space on a stage. You watch them because they are there. A charismatic performer commands your attention because nothing else in the room is as compelling as they are. As I said, there’s a difference between a rocker and a rock star. There are plenty of watchable rockers, but not too many charismatic rock stars. That’s something you can’t teach, either. You either have “it”, or you don’t. And Edsel has it – that star quality, that “there he is!” sort of allure. There’s plenty of concerts I’ve seen where Edsel puts his skill at working the entire room on full display: one performance stands out to me which I’ll link here.

Dope – Live in Saint Petersburg 2014 (@HighDecibels) Highly recommend this creator – tons of awesome concerts on their channel!

Edsel Dope live is pretty glorious. When you stop and take a look at this performance, you see someone confident, who knows what he’s doing. Who not only entertains, but takes us with him. And we in turn don’t want to take our eyes off him, because nothing else in the room could possibly compare!

Edsel Wins Day Four: Done! That’s a wrap!

This might be our last day for Edsel Wins, but tomorrow is Edsel’s birthday! And you better believe we’re marking this occasion on EDF. We’re here to support and celebrate Edsel all year long, but especially now. Looking forward to seeing you here too!