Jan 3, 2024

A Closer Look: Ecco Studios

If asked to identify what Edsel Dope is most known for, the majority of fans would without a doubt say “vocalist for Dope.” With good reason! Seven studio albums, a slew of music videos, and many successful tours around the world have ensured Edsel’s enduring legacy on the music scene.

That being said, there’s more to this rock icon than meets the eye. Edsel’s influence and talent stretches further than some fans realise. And today, we’re introducing a new series to bring attention to those ventures!

Welcome to “A Closer Look”, where we highlight the other aspects of Edsel’s multi faceted career! We’re starting with industry titan Ecco Studios. What is it, what do they do, and most importantly: how is Edsel involved?

A disclaimer: I fully admit I am not savvy with this sort of tech! I understand what it does, but please do not look to me for an expert viewpoint. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Ecco Studios: A Leader in its Field

ecco studios

Ecco Studios is a Los Angeles based 3D/4D capture stage. If like me, you were wondering what the difference is between 3D and 4D, here’s a breakdown:

  • 3D captures the shape and structure of things in three dimensions: length, width and depth. Instead of just a flat picture, you can also discern how far away something is.
  • 4D does all of the above, but also adds the element of time. It captures how things move and change.

In simple terms, Ecco Studios uses 3D and 4D data to capture incredibly lifelike and realistic digital representations of humans. They’ve worked with industry powerhouses like Industrial Light and Magic and EA, and their work spans from movies to video games to TV. The company produced this video with TV’s Terry Crews that showcases a bit of their process. I recommend you give it a look as it really is very insightful!

As I stated above, I’m not even going to pretend I know the ins and outs of the tech side of things, but the examples are simply stunning. If you told me the below was a real person and not digitally created, I would have believed you. Look at the level of detail present. You can even see the pores on his skin.

Edsel’s Role in the Company

What’s Edsel’s role in Ecco Studios? In his own words, he’s COO and co-owner of the company. What’s a COO? A chief operating officer is responsible for the day to day admin work of a business. This squares with what Edsel mentioned is his job function in the Drinks with Johnny podcast. (Click the link to go right to the section where he speaks about Ecco Studios: from its founding to his day to day work with the company!)

To quote the man himself when describing the dynamic with his business partner: “I’m gonna help surround you with all of the resources that you need, the team members that you need, and I’m just going to let you work. And I’m gonna handle all the bullshit that gets in your way on a daily basis.” So in essence: he’s the one doing all the administrative tasks necessary for a business to function!

Scratching the Surface

I couldn’t possibly go over everything Ecco Studios does in one article. We’d be here all day, and even then I’m positive I’d leave something out. If you’d like to learn more about them, you can visit their website at eccostudios.com and read a bit more about the capture process!

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at Ecco Studios, and have a bit more of an understanding of what Edsel does outside of his music career! Click here to read more from the A Closer Look series.