Jun 7, 2024

Dope Bus Invaders Screencaps, etc.

The LARGEST Edsel Dope photo gallery on the net just keeps getting better.  We’re coming at you with updates from classic spots with Dope: Bus Invaders and other segments from Digital Tour Bus. Let’s get right into it.

dope bus invaders

Dope: Bus Invaders
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  • 47 photos added to Dope: Bus Invaders. This is a segment that is still pretty popular, and with good reason!
  • Not familiar with Bus Invaders? Here’s a rundown: Do you remember MTV Cribs? Think of that, but with tour buses. If you liked MTV Cribs, you will probably like this channel. I for one am quite nosy and find this sort of content really interesting. I’m forever watching “what’s in my bag” videos, or house tours.
  • Edsel himself is the one giving the tour of their bus, and is accompanied by the man, the myth, the legend Acey Slade.

Dope: Tour Pranks
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  • 37 photos added to Dope: Tour Pranks!
  • ANOTHER video with both Edsel and Acey? Heck yeah! I’ll understand if you need a moment to compose yourself to get ready for all that awesome.
  • This is another video by the awesome Digital Tour Bus. Shockingly, this channel doesn’t have at least a million subs even though they really should. You know you can fix that, right? If you like what Digital Tour Bus creates, why not subscribe? You can check out their channel right here.

Dope: Tour Tips
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  • 42 photos added to Dope: Tour Tips.
  • The last in that series from Digital Tour Bus, we join Acey and Edsel one more time. Two rock legends, one video. Your day just keeps getting better. This is a very fun series, I really hope you watch all the videos!

Again, if you liked what you saw, please sub to Digital Tour Bus. They have a lot of cool people featured – the one on Wednesday 13 was also really interesting. Which video was your fave?