Jun 12, 2024

Dope Merch Roundup: The Best of… Shirts!

It’s been awhile, so it’s time for another Dope Merch Roundup! I thought of a fun idea when I was looking through the Dope shop: why not rank my top five faves of each category? We’re starting with my top five favourite shirts in the Dope merch shop!

But First… This.

As we always do, we start off with a big fat disclaimer: These are not affiliate links. I am not compensated for these posts or my opinions. Everything I recommend from the Dope merch shop are items that I either personally own or genuinely like. Now that’s out of the way, let’s hop to it. We’ll start off with my absolute favourite shirt in the Dope merch shop!

dope merch roundup

2022 Logo Shirt – Cristina’s #1 pick!

You know me. I love the classics, and you really can’t go wrong with this classic Dope logo. It’s an oldie, but it’s still a goodie. This would probably go with a lot of your wardrobe already because of how sleek and simple it is.

dope merch roundup

Null Shirt

I love discreet references to Dope (I named my collective site Undevoted after all), and this shirt definitely fits the bill. And again, this will probably go with a lot of stuff you already own!

dope merch roundup

Cross Shirt

If I saw you in this shirt, I would think oh! There’s somebody with excellent style and fabulous taste in music. (Psst… it’s you! You’re that somebody!)

Flag Shirt

Another absolute classic. The Dope logo, the American flag… it just works.

Believe Shirt

I love this one for both the look AND the song it’s repping. It’s really such an underrated song, and an awesome video too!

And there you have it: these are my top five favourite shirts currently available for purchase in the Dope merch shop. Which one was your favourite? Will you be buying any of them?

Stay tuned for more of the Best Of … Dope Merch Roundup! These are one of my favourite features on the site – and I hope you enjoy them as well!