Mar 29, 2024

edseldopefan.org QOL Update: Mobile version

Hello, back with another quick site update! It’s a small QoL for edseldopefan.org! I was initially going to tack this onto my previous post but decided against it ultimately. I thought this little update deserves its own post! It’s a good one.


Mobile Compatibility: edseldopefan.org will now display as intended for mobile devices. The previous mobile display was not *terrible*, it was just rather plain and lacking the personality that I put into my work. In all honesty, it just wasn’t the experience I wanted our visitors to have. It bothered me greatly, and I wanted to make it right.  I know that a lot of our visitors are coming to us on mobile devices, and I apologise for not correcting this issue earlier. Your experience on the site should now be more cohesive with our desktop version.

EDF Photo: I’ve also corrected how EDF Photo displays on mobile. It’s now more in line with how I would like it to be presented. Again, my apologies for not fixing this sooner.

I hope with these mobile QoL updates, your experience is improved on edseldopefan.org. As I said in my previous post, I’m working on something fun for the site! I do still plan on launching it this weekend, so I’ll definitely be back then to share it with you!