Mar 10, 2024

Edsel Dope Graphics: Whole Lotta Edsel pt. 2

I come bearing a nice update: Edsel Dope graphics! You heard right, it’s Edsel’s birthday month, and YOU get the presents. Hell yeah! I’ve been re-doing the Graphic Archive and putting a lot more goodies in there to celebrate Edsel’s birthday! This is the first of several big updates I have planned to celebrate Edsel this month. Well… we always celebrate Edsel, but you get the point.

Interested in all the Edsel Dope graphics you get with this update? Read on!

20 100×100 Icons

edsel dope graphics
  • 20 100×100 icons have been added. These look great on Discord, forums, wherever you want to show your support for Edsel! Plus, a rock icon for your icon? How meta(l). Yes, I reused that joke. I have no regrets… okay, you can send me to joke jail for that one. Girlbossed too close to the sun.

3 Discord Profile Banners

edsel dope graphics
  • A new addition to the Graphic Archive is Discord profile banners. You do need Nitro to add banners to your Discord profile, but these would probably work just as well as forum signatures too.

4 Gifs Added

  • I added four gifs from the Drama Club “Maniac” video! Since I don’t hate you or your net connection, I’ll direct you to check ’em out here!

On a side note, today marks 14 years since Dope’s iconic album No Regrets was released. What’s your favourite track from this epic album? I have to say mine varies, but lately it’s Scorn. I made a video for EDF’s Tiktok to celebrate the occasion!


March 10th. 2009 saw the release of Dope’s iconic album No Regrets. Featuring tracks like My Funeral, Addiction, Best for Me, and of course the title track, No Regrets remains an eternal classic. What’s your fave song on the album?#metal #dope #dopetheband #edseldope #dopearmy #dopeband #music #trending

♬ No Regrets – Dope