Jun 30, 2023

A tiny update

Hello hello! I’ve been a bit busy so I’ve not been posting updates as much as I could be. But now my schedule has cleared up a lot, so expect a LOT more of me. My biggest news is I’m attending the Machine Killer Tour in Atlanta, so to say I’m hyped is a bit of an understatement. I’ve been a massive fan of both Static-X and Dope for years, so to see them live and on the same bill is a dream.

Back to Edsel, came across this blast from the past completely by accident. I was browsing Youtube and saw this panel discussion from 2010 featuring the man himself. It’s called “Turning Sport Music into a New Revenue Stream”. It’s an interesting piece for sure. I admit, I’ve personally not thought too much about the music featured at sports events so it was enlightening to hear about that side of things. Give it a watch!

All credit for this goes to MIDƐM+, I do not own this video. Please check out their channel if you’re interested in learning more about them!