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Aug 3, 2023

Spotlight Song: I Am


Our first Spotlight is a song I’m rather attached to: I Am, from Dope’s 2003 release Group Therapy. For those not familiar with this song, I Am is the fuck you anthem you didn’t know you needed until now. You might recognize a blast from the past in this video: Mistress Juliya, aka Juliya Chernetsky makes an appearance. Quite the hot ticket in the early 00s, Juliya was basically everywhere on the metal scene back then. Couldn’t escape that girl.

Please enjoy the video, and as always if you like what you see why not subscribe to Dope’s official Youtube channel? You’ll have access to just about their entire catalogue there. They’re sitting at about 116K subs and even though that makes them eligible for a silver Creator Award, we all know we can do better than that. So get to it.