Mar 24, 2023

Rise of the Machine tour: VERY limited tickets!

Dope has announced via their official Facebook page that the Grand Rapids leg of the Rise of the Machine tour is now sold out. Tickets are very limited for the rest of the dates, so if Dope is coming to your city, now is the time to catch them! You can find out more about the Rise of the Machine tour right here on Dope’s official website.

Speaking as a long term fan of Dope, I’m genuinely thrilled to see how pumped people are about them on this tour, along with the awesome reaction to the new album!

We were also treated to a new live photo with this post. A stunning one of Edsel! (We love to see it! <3 he’s the entire reason for this site, after all!) View the photo here – as of this writing, it has 443 reactions. We can do better than that, right? Right! Like or love that photo, let’s see how high we can go! And while you’re there, if you aren’t already following Dope on Facebook, you know what you must do…