May 4, 2024

edseldopefan.org: Celebrating ONE YEAR!

Today, edseldopefan.org is celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary!  

edseldopefan.org celebrating one year

That’s right! We’re celebrating one year of edseldopefan.org today!

When I opened this fansite, I had two goals:

  • The first was to make the sort of fansite I as a fan would love to visit. I’ve always done things with the fans in mind, because I want this site to be amazing for you. One thing about Edsel’s fans is they are passionate about him, and you all deserve nothing but the best. When I started with EDF, there wasn’t a whole lot about Edsel around the net. There is of course Dope’s official site and I encourage you to visit that often, but fan run resources are also very important in the conversation.
  • The second? I wanted to be able to give back, even in a small way, to a man who’s been a massive inspiration to me! Edsel has been such a positive force for good in my life: because of him, I want to push myself harder and be even stronger in my creative pursuits. (And stronger when it comes to life in general). He’s given me so much, so I am thrilled to help get the word out about Edsel and share his music with the world!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s visited, and continues to visit. It really does mean the world to me. I’m looking forward to many years to come in supporting and celebrating Edsel and his legendary career!

Much love,
Cristina xoxo