dope essentials playlist

What would a Dope “Essentials” playlist look like as curated by

That’s a good question – and we aim to answer it here! This is obviously based off the Apple Music “Essentials” playlists, so the idea is not original. That being said, we’re here to right a minor wrong. Notably, Dope does not have an Essentials playlist on Apple Music, so we’re doing right by them and making one right here, right now! (and Apple, if you’re listening… feel free to take the hint!)

Since their founding in 1997, Dope has carved out a distinct style and image that sets them apart. While their music is definitely on the heavier end of the spectrum, it refuses to be pigeonholed into a single genre. From the industrial vibes of “Felons and Revolutionaries” to the raw rock energy of “No Regrets” and the EDM-infused tracks of “Blood Money Part Zer0,” Dope’s discography remains consistently dynamic and anything but dull.

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  • Another Day Goes By (Group Therapy)
  • Numb (Blood Money Part I)
  • Misery (Blood Money Part Zer0)
  • Debonaire (Felons and Revolutionaries)
  • Now or Never (Life)
  • Thanks for Nothing (Life)
  • Survive (American Apathy)
  • I Am (Group Therapy)
  • Believe (Blood Money Part Zer0)
  • No Way Out (American Apathy)
  • Blood Money (Blood Money Part I)
  • Selfish (Blood Money Part I)
  • Die MF Die (Life)
  • Everything Sucks (Felons and Revolutionaries)
  • My Funeral (No Regrets)
  • Violence (No Regrets)
  • Sing (Group Therapy)