Nov 14, 2023

EDF.org Merch Roundup

I’ve been browsing the Dope merch store, so it’s time for another Merch Roundup! If this is your first Roundup, these are features where I highlight items from Dope’s store that have caught my eye. I do them approximately whenever I feel like it, which generally amounts to once or twice a month.

As always with any Roundup, it comes with a big fat DISCLAIMER: I am not receiving commissions if you buy anything through these links! No one is paying me for my opinions. These are simply items in the Dope merch store that I like and decided to share with you. With that out of the way, let’s jump right in!


It wouldn’t be a Merch Roundup without a mug, would it? Pretty sure I’ve featured at least one mug in every Roundup. I’m not sure if this was in the shop when I did the last one, but I think we can all agree that drinking your coffee out of a mug that says Dope on it is rad on many levels.

Dope Zer0 Embroidered Hat

I’ve said before on the Roundup that I’m not a hat person. But Dope and Static-X’s merch shops keep proving me a liar. I LOVE this hat. Plus, look at Edsel on the underbill! I actually really want this, I’m probably buying it to be honest.


I genuinely love this cross logo. Simple, cool, this is just a great looking shirt all around. You’ll always be representing the best in this shirt, and it’s so versatile I can see it being in heavy rotation in your wardrobe.

Blood Money Part Zer0 Record and Hoodie Bundle

Okay… this is pricey, and I totally get that. But I wouldn’t recommend this bundle to you if I didn’t truly think it was worth the money. Look at all the goodies you get with it! I’m super jealous of the bag and the poster in particular. Plus, there are three different versions of this package: Shirt, Hoodie (the one I’m featuring), and Shirt and Hoodie. So you can choose what best suits your taste and price point.

That’s about it for this Roundup – Merch Roundups are one of my favourite features on EDF.org, and I hope you like them as well!