Oct 3, 2023

Dope releases video for “Lovesong” 10/04/2023!

Dope have announced that they are releasing a video for “Lovesong” tomorrow (10/04/2023). “Lovesong” is a track off the band’s latest album “Blood Money Part Zer0”. Originally performed by The Cure, Dope has given this classic a new twist by featuring Edsel’s second band Drama Club. Edsel also directed this video, which is a delight to see. You can view a tantalizing teaser for the video, where we see the band in Drama Club masks and a few pretty intense scenes of … don’t really know how to describe it? Two individuals in pretty awesome SFX makeup, that’s all I know. Very intriguing, indeed.

Looking to check out the video? This link will take you right to it: it’s set to premiere in 15 hours as of this writing. There’s an option to receive a notification when it does, so be sure to hit that bell so you don’t miss it!