Jul 3, 2024

Best Dope Albums (As ranked by edseldopefan.org)

Apple Music’s recent ranking of the “Best Albums of All Time”… was certainly full of choices. It was a list of all time, to be sure. While I knew Dope wasn’t going to be on this list, it got me thinking: I have seven studio albums to choose from… what are the three best Dope albums?

I’ve already touched on this topic in edseldopefan.org’s Instagram stories, but with the nature of that medium, I can’t put down all of my thoughts. So I thought it would be fun to expand a bit here.

“Cristina, no one wants to hear your biased opinion. You run an Edsel Dope fansite.” That’s fair *shrug*. As I’ve always stated, I’m not a music reviewer or a professional in the music industry. What I am is a fan, and I know what I like. If your fave isn’t on this list, it’s not because I somehow dislike it. Truthfully, I don’t think Dope has ever released a bad album. But if we’re ranking the top THREE, then something has to be cut.

If you’re ready for this, then so am I. Let’s get into it.

Number Three: No Regrets
Released: March 10, 2009

best dope albums

No Regrets is what a lot of rock albums wish they were. Straight up, uncompromising rock n roll. When I talk to people about Dope, generally this album or Blood Money Part 1 are brought up in the conversation. Actually, my most viewed and faved video on our Tiktok is a video commemorating this album. For good reason: this album is spawned some iconic bangers. The title track, My Funeral, Violence, We Are… there’s really no duds to be found. From start to finish, it brings exactly what it promises. No regrets.

Number Two: Group Therapy
Released: October 21, 2003

People think of this album as a departure for Dope. I’ve always disliked that term. Departure, to me, denotes that an artist has a little box they fit in, and that’s all they’re able to do. “An artist straying from their lane? Scandal!” Instead of looking at it as a departure, let’s reframe that thinking. While yes, this album has a more alternative vibe than Dope’s other records, it also shows more range and vulnerability. And unlike a lot of more “alternative” albums from the early 00s, this one still sounds modern and relevant. There are certain albums out there from the same time period that do not hold up at all. (Not mentioning any names, but I think we all know a few off the top of our heads)

And now for our number one pick… oh boy. I feel like I’m going to make some fans mad with this one.

Number One: Blood Money Part Zer0
Released: February 24, 2023

The amount of shit I get for sticking up for this album in the way that I do is mad. It’s not even that people say it’s a bad album, it’s this overarching idea of “new stuff bad, old stuff good” when it comes to Dope. Dope is one of the few bands I know of that people want to firmly stick in one era, and don’t seem to be interested in anything else. While I love the classics, don’t let nostalgia goggles blind you to new, amazing entries into a body of work. Blood Money Part Zer0 shows not only growth, but the ability to reinvent a band’s sound while still staying true to their original vision. Not a lot of people can do this successfully. In fact, Blood Money Part Zer0 is all the stuff you always loved about Dope taken in a new and exciting direction.

And there you have it. Those are my top three Dope albums. Were your faves on the list?