Mar 3, 2024

Dope Merch Roundup – Sale Special!

It’s been a hot minute since I did a Merch Roundup, so let’s do something a bit different. I’ve been browsing the Sale Items on the Dope merch shop, and I thought I’d highlight a few items that have caught my eye. These items are on sale as of this writing – if you’re reading this in the future, I can’t guarantee they’re still on sale.

Before we get into it, as always we have a big fat DISCLAIMER: None of these are affiliate links. I’m not getting money if you buy any of the merchandise showcased here. These are just my own opinions of what I personally like in the Dope merch shop.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s hop right into it.

dope merch

Edsel Hand Shirt

This is the second of two shirts that have this famous picture of Edsel. It’s kind of iconic, you have to admit. And both are on sale! I think both are pretty rad, but my personal preference is this version.

Fuck Tomorrow Shirt

I might be slightly biased here, because I happen to have this shirt! Trust me, it rocks.

Null Shirt

Yes, I know this has been on a past Roundup, but I do genuinely like this iteration of the Dope Null logo. There is also a null shirt without the Dope logo on it, if you prefer!

Two Face Shirt

This is from the Rise of the Machine Tour, and I have to say the artwork on this is … er… dope. Hey, the jokes can’t all be good. What’s no joke however is how cool this shirt is. I have the Machine Killer variant and seeing this one makes me wanna kick myself for missing out on Rise of the Machine. Ah well! Got my chance to see Dope in the end!

A Merch Roundup WITHOUT A MUG? Guys, it’s finally happened. I should feature one just for the principle of the thing, but I think I’ll spare your already overloaded cabinets this time. Just this one time, though.

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