Jun 1, 2024

Dope Apple Music page: edseldopefan.org has questions!

Hey, Apple Music? Quick question… can you please remove things that have nothing to do with Dope from their Apple Music Artist page? Or is that asking too much?

See, to me, artist pages should have only that artist. Yet for the longest time, you’ve have this single on Dope’s artist page that is demonstrably not them.

You’re obviously familiar with their catalogue of music, since everything else is right. And other platforms don’t seem to have made this error. Just yours.

You might not care about this, but they probably do. And it’s a bit annoying from a fan perspective to have incorrect media on an artist page. It might seem like a minor problem, but minor problems are still problems. (And in my opinion, it’s not a minor problem, but I digress.) I’m sure you can imagine that this kind of thing leads to confusion and misunderstandings.

Dope Apple Music

To help you out, I’ve provided this picture to illustrate the problem. Feel free to reference it if you need to while you fix this issue. It’s yours to have – giving you this one for free! Now that I’ve shown you the problem, can you please fix the Dope Apple Music artist page? Thanks a bunch!

Also, while I have you, another quick question. I promise, this is the last one. For now. Dope has been a thing since the late 90s. They have released seven studio albums. Yet, they don’t have an Essentials compilation on your platform. I guess my question is… what’s up with that? It seems like more obscure artists with less extensive musical catalogues have one. Why not Dope, a well established and successful band? I genuinely don’t understand. If you need suggestions, edseldopefan.org has made our own Dope Essentials playlist! Feel free to take the hint. You can view it here if you need some ideas: Dope Essentials by edseldopefan.org. You’re very welcome!

Hope this helps! <3