May 14, 2023

Site Update: “For You” section opens!

Hey hey! I’ve been a bit quiet but worry not – I’ve steadily been working on the site. As the title says, I’ve opened up the For You section. What’s that, you ask? The For You section has an assortment of Edsel Dope themed goodness for you. (Hence the uh… catchy title.)

From wallpaper to GIFs to Discord icons, there’s a lot of ways to show your support for Edsel. If you’re here, I presume you’re a fan and want to support him. Now you can in style! Here’s just a couple of samples.

As always with my graphics – credit/a link back is appreciated but not necessary. Just don’t redistribute claiming that you made them.

I’ve also been adding more pics and screencaps to EDF Photo, but that will a separate update. Till then.

xxx Cristina