Nov 1, 2023

Wayne Static: A Fond Memorial

wayne static

On November 1st, 2014, the music world lost a legend. Or at least, that’s what I would be saying if we were talking about anyone else but the incomparable Wayne Static. Though Wayne may be physically gone from this world, his legacy and influence have far outlived him.

A Passion for Music

Wayne Richard Wells was born on November 4th, 1965 in Muskegon, MI to Richard and Darlene Wells. His love of music started early: as a youngster, he was enthralled by the larger than life personas of the band KISS. By the age of twelve, he had started his first band with a group of neighbourhood friends. It was these first exposures to music that shaped young Wayne and cemented his determination to make music his career. He would burst onto the world stage with Static-X in 1999 with the band’s debut album Wisconsin Death Trip, leaving a lasting impression on the music scene.

Wayne Static was never one to go with the crowd. His genre defining style set trends but never followed them. Wayne’s work with Static-X spanned six studio albums, producing hits like “Cold”, “I’m With Stupid” and “Push It”. His solo outing Pighammer further solidified Wayne’s reputation as the King of Evil Disco.

A Lasting Legacy

Wayne left this world far too soon aged 48. His impact on the music industry was immense, and his legacy continues to this day. Part of his last recordings with Static-X were released with the band’s Project Regeneration Vol I in 2020, with one reviewer writing: “Static-X were ahead of their time and perhaps a little underrated. Through this cathartic process, the album serves as a love letter to Static and their loyal fan base, a respectful tribute that both honors his legacy and adds an unexpected new chapter to their discography.”

Did Wayne have any idea he would one day become such an icon? It likely never crossed his mind. Wayne did everything he did for the pure love of his craft, and the deep love he possessed for his fans.

We loved you too, Wayne. We still do. You gave us everything you had.

Thank you. For all of it.