May 4, 2023

EDF.org – Now Open

When better to open a site dedicated to an icon than on an iconic day? May the 4th be with us, and edseldopefan.org is officially open! With so few spaces on the net truly dedicated to promoting Edsel Dope, we want to be a complete resource for fans. In that regard, I will always be working to make this site better and better. In the coming days, I will be opening more sections of the site, so stay tuned!

With the opening of EDF.org, EDF Photo is also now open! As any fan of Edsel knows, it’s a bitch trying to find sites that have everything relating to him all under one roof – photos very much included. We’re starting off strong with 93 photos in the gallery, including screencaps of videos from Dope and other Edsel projects. I screencap everything myself for EDF Photo, if you use them credit is appreciated but not required.

You’ll be seeing me soon,

xxx Cristina