Month: August 2023

Aug 31, 2023

EDF’s Static-X Merch Roundup

Hello everybody! We’re celebrating the Machine Killer Tour here at, so let’s continue with another Merch Roundup! Edsel is connected to Static-X as its producer and collaborator, so we’re getting them in on the Roundup just for fun.

What’s a Merch Roundup? A Merch Roundup consists of my top picks from a chosen band’s merch store. (Provided that band has some connection with Edsel Dope, of course.) And since the Machine Killer Tour is about to kick into high gear, we’re taking a look at Static-X’s merch. It was hard to narrow it down because everything was amazing, but these are my faves out of the bunch.

Disclaimer: No one is paying me for my opinions about Static-X’s merch, and I am not receiving any commissions if you buy something. This is purely my opinion, and my opinion cannot be bought. So with that out of the way, let’s get to it!


Have to say, this one caught my eye big time. This is going in my cart today. I love the colours, the artwork, everything.


Yes, we’ve already established you have way too many mugs in your cabinet. Make room for this one, your coffee deserves it.


You know, I’m not a hat person normally but I could be persuaded with this one. Comes in a choice of red or grey, in trucker style or snapback.


Gotta say, Static-X always kills it when it comes to artwork on their merch. This is pure perfection.

And that’s it! I hope my picks were helpful! The Machine Killer Tour promises to be amazing, and scoring awesome merch is just a bonus.

Aug 18, 2023

EDF’s Dope Merch Round-up #1

I did this a couple months back and decided to make it a semi regular feature: today, I’ll be showing you my picks in Dope’s merch store. Welcome to EDF’s first official Dope Merch Round-up! I know it can be tough to pick when you’ve got so many great choices, so allow me to give you a hand. I might also do this for Static-X merch as well, just for fun!

As a side note, I would like to emphasize that no one is paying me for this post – this is strictly my opinion and only my opinion. I’m not going to waste your time with stuff I don’t truly like, and no amount of money will get me to tell you something I don’t believe.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it!


I believe this one was on my last informal Merch Roundup. Always liked this pic of Edsel, so badass. As of this writing, this shirt is $13.99!


Classic cheeky Monster High shirt. It also comes in a hoodie!


Going a bit different for my next pick. Yeah, you probably have a shit ton of coffee mugs at home. Add this one anyway.


Speaking as a female, I’d probably ask you out if you wore this, tbh. Or at least give you that “you have good taste” head nod.

That’s it for our first Dope Merch Round up! Hopefully my picks were helpful if you’re considering making a purchase from Dope’s store. There’s a lot of awesome merch there, so really you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose.

Aug 13, 2023

Flashback Sunday: Dope on Tour

After some thought, I’ve decided your Flashback Sunday will not be such a far flung blast from the past. Instead, I would like to highlight the upcoming Machine Killer tour – Dope is supporting Static-X and Sevendust on what promises to be a killer North American tour. I’ll see myself out.

The Machine Killer tour is getting closer and closer, and I think that’s reason to celebrate this Sunday. So we’re talking all about the tour and how you can get tickets! (By the way – I’ll be at the Atlanta stop!! You better believe I’m excited!)

Various members of Static-X were quoted saying that they’re bringing new production elements, giving fans something to look forward to from the headliners. From what I’ve seen of their shows on the Rise of the Machine tour… I have to say they were already spectacular, so colour me hyped.

No news as of yet on what we can expect from Dope, but really… when do they NOT bring the house down? As any long term fan can attest, there’s no energy quite like Dope when they take the stage. Guys, these are shows you won’t want to miss. So the only thing left? Buying your tickets!

Tickets are still available, but they’re sure to sell out fast if the Rise of the Machine tour is anything to go by. Score some at Dope’s official site while you still can.

We’re flashing back to Dope’s first short on Youtube promoting the Machine Killer tour. Personally, I’d love for them to post more of these!

Aug 3, 2023

Spotlight Song: I Am


Our first Spotlight is a song I’m rather attached to: I Am, from Dope’s 2003 release Group Therapy. For those not familiar with this song, I Am is the fuck you anthem you didn’t know you needed until now. You might recognize a blast from the past in this video: Mistress Juliya, aka Juliya Chernetsky makes an appearance. Quite the hot ticket in the early 00s, Juliya was basically everywhere on the metal scene back then. Couldn’t escape that girl.

Please enjoy the video, and as always if you like what you see why not subscribe to Dope’s official Youtube channel? You’ll have access to just about their entire catalogue there. They’re sitting at about 116K subs and even though that makes them eligible for a silver Creator Award, we all know we can do better than that. So get to it.